Modern Style within Historical Creating: Old Packet Walls and Arched Roof

Today we all suggest a person having a look in a apartment that may be safely known as unique. Positioned in a historic building from the 19 th 25 year and created in modern style, this represents the peculiar combination of modernity plus respect within the past. Thus, the newest masters wouldn’t demolish the stove from the 19 th hundred years, kept previous brick wall space and highlighted splendid curved ceilings – they favored to keep these types of memories from the building’s background, having them changed into a special function of their brand new home.


This large apartment (its total region is 193 square meters) is located in an attractive part of St Petersburg, the particular cultural plus historical funds of the Ruskies Empire. The particular flat can be found in one side of a huge building, as the other component is entertained by an inside design photo gallery, which furthermore belongs to the experts of the residence. More than a 25 year ago the home used to be the residential constructing for the workers of the Courtroom Stables. With all the coming associated with communist federal government ex-groom’s homes were changed into communal flats. One more impressive fact in regards to the building can be its amazing length: it is absolutely uncharacteristic for the center of a huge city. Parallels the face from the building functions fifty-5 home windows along the length, that is 6 occasions more than the particular houses for the opposite aspect of the road have.

The newest owners transferred in here keep away from of 2013. By that period the remodelling process acquired lasted to get more than a calendar year already. At first, like any ex-communal apartment, the area was incredibly dilapidated. Yet this wouldn’t outweigh the truly amazing potential from the flat: roof height associated with 3. 6 meters, several big home windows on both edges of the constructing overlooking the particular backyard as well as a big historic avenue, plus an working stove from the 19 th hundred years.


Due to absence of weight bearing wall space inside the developing, the proprietors managed to understand the design of their wish – just one open-concept room, including the kitchen, the dining region, a living area and a research.

2-2-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-open-concept-plan-living-room-dining-kitchen-old-white-brick-wall-arched-ceiling-many-4-windows-contemporary-lamp 2-1-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-wooden-dining-table-white-chairs 3-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-open-concept-plan-home-office-study-living-room-white-walls-sliding-doors-pink-chair-black-arm-chair

Regardless of a big overall area, you will find just 2 isolated areas in the smooth – the master bedroom as well as a toddler area, each working with a bathroom depart.

4-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-gray-walls-bedroom-orange-wheeled-arm-chair-beige-headboard-lamp 5-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-old-gray-brick-wall-black-contemporary-arm-chair 6-2-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-contemporary-bathroom-pink-padded-stool-ottoman-tulle-curtains-wash-basin-bath-big-window 6-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-beige-brown-bathroom-wash-basin-cabinet-glass-shower-cabin

In most from the rooms the particular masters held old packet walls plus arched ceilings – these were just a little little bit refreshed along with white plus gray color. Along with the initial stove to the border from the dining room plus kitchen, they will remind of the rich good the building.

7-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-open-concept-plan-living-room-dining-kitchen-old-white-brick-wall-arched-ceiling-many-4-windows 8-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-entry-room-white-brick-walls-big-mirror-ladder-wardrobe 9-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-contemporary-shelving-unit-shelves-old-brick-wall

The interior is certainly fulfilled along with elements of usually contemporary style, but they had been carefully chosen to enhance the environment of the St Petersburg home with a background. Most of the decorating and house accessories are created by a popular French brand name Ligne Roset, and the lights – simply by Delta Lighting (Belgium). Apart from, the interior functions furniture, light fittings and components from the masters’ gallery associated with interior design.

10-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-white-kitchen-wooden-worktop 11-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-contemporary-glass-coffee-table-metal-legs-stripy-rug-carpet 12-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-gray-old-brick-wall-panoramic-window 13-minimalist-style-interior-design-apartment-round-flat-ceiling-lamp-arched-ceiling 14-white-bird-home-decor-figurine

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