Modern Russian Home 3-in-1

Small new houses may hardly shock anyone, specially in Moscow and surrounding suburbs. But we have been sure that there is absolutely no more this kind of house such as this! And it is all about the non-standard want of the customer and excellent imagination from the creator.


This sq . one-floor home is located in Shatura – a little city towards the east associated with Moscow having a population of approximately 33, 500 people. Which might seem insignificant until you find it with your own eye. It becomes crystal clear what a work was carried out by the builder to create this kind of nice building.

It all began from the cement foundation how the client got already got built. Actually the foundation was your only matter he had – no home, no task, no builder. So the expert he employed had to encounter 2 difficulties: the old base must be conserved as it is as well as the house should be one-storey. So the resulting task was each meeting the particular owner’s specifications and also comfy, stylish plus contemporary a good option had to be created. And see exactly how it was…


On the way from Moscow to Shatura (and it is about 140 km) you will notice plenty of flexible houses made from diverse components and in various periods of time. They are wooden huts, giant packet houses quickly built in the particular 1990s following the Dissolution from the USSR plus deserted open public buildings along with mured upward windows in the same epoch. It was decided on grab this particular bunch of tasks and combine them into one whole, i actually. e. take those old suggestions and carry out them from the beginning, but now smartly and smartly.

So at this point the house consists of 3 prevents: the middle the first is the open-concept living room plus kitchen along with panoramic home windows and no loft joist ground, the one along with partially mured up home windows is a master suite, and the packet part is really a couple of young child rooms.


In the end 1 big home is composed of 3 little ones – mismatched, yet so naturally fit into the particular landscape as well as the territory from the land storyline. It’s filled up with interesting information, shapes plus materials: wooden, bricks, mismatched windows plus competently created outdoor lighting – this particular house could be watched all day.

3-contemporary-architecture-Russia-one-storey-house-3-in-1-with-mismatched-blocks-windows-panoramic-wood-gray-brown-brick-narrow-mured-up-windows-open-terrace 4-contemporary-architecture-Russia-one-storey-house-3-in-1-with-mismatched-blocks-windows-panoramic-wood-gray-brown-brick-narrow-mured-up-windows-open-terrace 5-contemporary-architecture-Russia-one-storey-house-3-in-1-with-mismatched-blocks-windows-panoramic-wood-gray-brown-brick-narrow-mured-up-windows-open-terrace

And the end let us take a look at the way the middle component is designed. The particular open-concept area comprises the minimalist cooking area set simply by Cesar, the dining area and a lay area made up of a splendid yellowish sofa simply by Cassina as well as a Linteloo espresso table – all organized on one axis.

6-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-dining-zone-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-white-walls-minimalism-spacious-big-yellow-sofa-panoramic-window-timber-house-push-to-open-cabinets-island 7-open-concept-room-kitchen-dining-zone-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-white-walls-minimalism-spacious-big-timber-house-push-to-open-cabinets-island-bar-stools- 8-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-dining-zone-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-white-walls-minimalism-spacious-big-window-timber-house-pendant-lamps-push-to-open-cabinets-table-island-wood 9-1-open-concept-living-room-lounge-zone-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-white-walls-minimalism-spacious-big-yellow-corner-sofa-panoramic-window-timber-house-wooden-cabinets 9-2-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-dining-zone-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-white-walls-minimalism-spacious-big-yellow-corner-sofa-panoramic-window-timber-house-wooden-cabinets-chandelier

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