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Modern Day Interior Of A Small Two-story Apartment

1-Modern small apartment

This little apartment is developed by the well-known designer Martha Badioloy who purchased a home in the most high-priced city in Spain in the town of San Sebastian. The attic was equipped for her perform and leisure. The interior has a classic style, appears really sophisticated and gorgeous. The property has a stunning staircase of very good wood.

2-burgundy carpet

The living area is tiny and cozy, thanks to white space seems a tiny far more. The floor is carpeted vibrant burgundy carpet laid on a white field, which is effectively isolated and dilutes white floor.

3-staircase to the second floor

It is worth noting that the ceiling is produced of light wood with lovely windows via that light up the space, and you can also have a gorgeous view of the evening sky.

5-white table

The interior uses a stack of images with wood framework. On the mezzanine is located in bookshelves, on which the book. All original ideas align with the demands of the occupants of the apartment.

6-white kitchen

A modest spot is situated in the attic, the residence snug and warm. Modern day little kitchen, and then completely in white.

7-wooden staircase

All the doors in the property white, the only unfavorable on the second floor of this low ceiling.

8-small bathroom

The bathroom is divided into 2 parts, and shares its only wide and long wash basin with hassle-free shelves for daily things.

9-window above the bed

The chamber is extremely modest, the bed headboard is constructed of wood, which is painted white. Textiles dilute the white walls, bright print with flowers enlivens the space.


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