Mikey: Innovative Counter top Robot and Personal Kitchen area Assistant

Can you visualize a personal associate, who knows exactly what foodstuffs you might have in your fridge now, who may be ready to develop recipes associated with dishes that you could cook out there foodstuffs, that will tell you steps to make these meals and show a person detailed photos of each action of the food preparation process and can meanwhile preset the your stove, plan the next day, inform you the weather prediction and newest news plus play your preferred music? This might sound like a illusion, doesn’t this? But we have been glad in order to announce a person that this kind of assistant currently exists great name is definitely Mikey.


We suppose it would be reasonable to say which the biggest following trend in our time is definitely personalization. You can find no 2 absolutely equivalent people on the planet. Everyone is different and individuals more and more often shoot for something personalized, adapted for personal requirements and one of a kind. The world’s leading producers have grown this concept and began to focus on producing things that could be our alleged partners. To put it differently, things may potentially turn out to be our smart assistants.

The concept is not brand name knew and lots of people currently enjoy sensible home techniques. But however, the market of intelligent home techniques incorporated straight into kitchens remains quite totally free, especially when considering cooking procedure. We’ve currently heard about Internet-connected smart refrigerators with digital cameras that can display what’s inside them via a mobile phone app. Yet a counter top robot that will ties a variety of household home appliances together plus helps all of us with food preparation is some thing brand new.

Mykie was launched at the beginning of this season in La, and produced another look at the global kitchen display – LivingKitchen – which was held within Cologne, Indonesia and that all of us discussed within our previous article. At this exhibit Mykie had been represented in the booths associated with Bosch plus Siemens manufacturers, which take part in the Home Link program.


As you noticed from the beginning in our article Mykie is a automatic device which has amazingly flexible functions. It really is operated using a user’s tone of voice, and as an authentic assistant this talks as well as answers this question.

Now since Home Link partners possess a vast range associated with appliances coupled to the Internet plus operated through smartphone applications – the refrigerator, a good oven, the washing machine, the dishwasher – Mykie turns into someone, who are able to control all this hardware to suit your needs.

As we mentioned previously, it can look at your “smart” fridge and offer a person relevant quality recipes with components you have within your fridge. Naturally , it can also look for recipes through your tone of voice commands. Although equipped with just a little sensor display, Mykie includes a built-in projected that will explain to you larger videos and images with step by step instructions directly on your cooking area wall. So when you’ll become close to completing the preparing of the elements, Mykie may have already used care about preheating your stove!

In the future Mykie is prepared to become a lot more sociable: it will eventually allow the user to go to virtual food preparation classes instantly. You will feel as if at a actual workshop, where one can watch, find out, cook along with other users along with a chef, plus exchange tested recipes and suggestions!

As for Mykie’s design, it is pretty laconic, compact plus white. Based on its makers, it was produced so to squeeze into any cooking area style.


So far Mykie is at the particular drafting phase and signifies a concept of the product. The maker still did not announce details about the cost and accessibility. But hopefully that this smart countertop automatic robot will get into several kitchens soon. And what we ought to expect is extremely well shown in the formal video online. Enjoy it!



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