Mettlach Tiles: Background, Characteristics plus Application

Today we all decided to present you with more information regarding an increasingly well-known finishing materials, the history which started in the Middle Ages – the Mettlach tiles. Exactly what characteristics proper drainage .? Is it nevertheless used in home design? Why had been it selected to beautify the renowned Titanic? Let us find this particular out jointly from this publish!


Truth be told, but the Mettlach tiles had been first manufactured in a tiny city of Mettlach in the west associated with Germany. This place will be widely known since the headquarters of the giant producer of hygienic porcelain – Villeroy & Boch , which began to produce the particular Mettlach ceramic tiles back in the middle ages and producers them to this very day.


Mainly the Mettlach tiles displayed multicolor plus monochrome ceramic pieces of little size plus plain angles: squares, gemstones, triangles… Yet nowadays conventional monochrome item range will be manufactured together with gorgeous ceramic tiles with numerous patterns. Furthermore the Mettlach tiles are usually widely used to make mosaic compositions, diverse ceramic puzzles plus wall decals.

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This particular material is because of baking tough melting clay-based at the heat range of 1200 degrees C. Due to this type of technological procedure it’s solid , frost-resistant and even acid-proof , that makes it suitable for each exterior plus interior design. Actually the Mettlach tiles are very similar in attributes with ceramic granitic and organic stone . Within interiors they could create a tiled “carpet” within an entry space, zone the particular flooring within a big restroom or dress wall recesses. And when considering exteriors, the particular Mettlach ceramic tiles are used for dealing with basements, designing fronts associated with houses, dressing terraces or even laying backyard paths.

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Besides their particular high strength, the Mettlach tiles might boast becoming absolutely environmentally friendly . This really is especially appropriate today since ecological elements become a a key point in choosing finishing components.

Today you can find just a few plant life manufacturing these types of tiles on earth. But its originals can still be seen in many historical places from the globe: within the Cologne Cathedral, on Moscow subway channels and in the particular Bolshoi Theater. It noticed numerous boot-prints, but its colour is as over loaded as 100s years ago and everything the compositions remained certainly integral plus firm. Plus it’s sometimes known that glowing blue and white-colored Mettlach ceramic tiles decorated the particular royal teach cabin associated with Nicholas II, the last Chief of Russian federation, and high-class aristocratic decorations of the renowned Titanic…

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