Malachite Box: Little One-Room House with Eco-friendly Accents

The primary problem with this one-room apartment had been an interior load-bearing wall, which actually divided the entire area of 43. 7 sq m. straight into 2 the same parts that will couldn’t end up being significantly changed. However , the writer of the task found a method to make the most technique initial area for the requirements of a youthful single female.


Logical use of little space

In the first place the developer suggests that a good ex-walk-in wardrobe should be discontinued in favor of a large part closet. This can increase the part of the entry space. Secondly, the only real living room is going to be zoned with a bespoke permeated room divider panel: it will individual the bedroom area arranged from the window through the lounge region. A wide entrance leading to the primary room from your entry is going to be equipped with slipping doors. Exactly the same way organized will be the entrance between the cooking area and the hallway. The bathroom will stay isolated through the toilet, because the hostess programs to receive visitors frequently.

Living room zone

The inside is designed within contemporary design, in natural color palette along with green highlights. In this residence the developer competently mixes natural plus geometrical motifs, white plus versatile colors of grey, brown plus green.

Taking into consideration the limited part of the lounge area, its decorating is composed of simply must-haves: a tight sofa simply by IKEA, the visually light-weight suspended TELEVISION console and also a round espresso table along with metal construction by Eichholtz. This area will be accented by a carpeting with geometrical pattern plus ar2rks associated with natural subject. The wall space will be covered with comfy peach lemon paint that will perfectly mixes with chocolate bars brown parquetry.

1-1-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-IKEA-sofa-green-throw-pillows-orange-wall-geometrical-carpet 1-2-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-IKEA-sofa-green-throw-pillows-geometrical-carpet-bedroom-bed 1-3-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-orange-wall-geometrical-carpet-TV-set-suspended-console

Bed room zone

Both zones is going to be divided with a perforated ornamental screen. It can ensure insolation of the community hall and visible isolation from the bedroom. These will be embellished with greenish textured cellulose wallpaper. The particular sleeping area is going to be lit with a classical chandelier.


Kitchen area

Considering the solitary status from the owner, your kitchen design is going to be straight-line with a minimum group of appliances. Clear sheer drapes will be matched up by eco-friendly wallpaper plus chair furniture. And geometrical pattern associated with floor ceramic tiles and backsplash will highlight laconic outlines of the cupboards.



Given that the region of the even is so restricted, support areas are designed making use of similar pallettes, materials as well as furniture. Therefore, a grey wash container cabinet may mirror your kitchen cabinets surface finishes, and the quartz stone counter top will be the just like the worktop in the kitchen.


Entry area

The ex-walk-in-closet’s place is going to be occupied simply by an L-shaped wardrobe. A large IKEA looking glass and black and white ceramic granitic flooring are meant to disguise the particular tightness from the room.


Weak points from the project

Regardless of all the developer tricks useful to “save” this particular small house and allow it to be as useful as possible, this particular interior task has a couple of weak points. First of all, the roof height is going to be sacrificed with regard to built-in lights, which is not really desirable with regard to small areas. Secondly, the bed room area does not have sound insulating material. Thirdly, you will find too few storage space spaces. Plus 4thly, the majority of the furnishing is going to be custom-made, which usually increases the overall value of the inside design.

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