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Luxury Cockloft for a Family with Four Kids Arranged with Multiple Mezzanines and Decorated with Corkwood


Number of rooms: 8
Metric area: 348 m²
Ceiling height: 4.4 m
Number of levels: 4

In the height of the world economic crisis of 2008 — a challenging time for architects— Peter Kostyolov received an unhoped-for mail with 2 orders. One in a tight lodging of China Town, the other – in a double-level apartment, 250 m² in area. Truth is, the former was sold after a slight refurbishment: the new owner hid the carefully restored brick masonry under a layer of artificial brickwork with plastic and installed a shower cabin with hydro-massage instead of sanitary porcelain by Duravit (“1930” line).

Yet, the architect’s injured feelings were completely healed by the second project. The space was truly breathtaking: 250 m², 2 levels, 9-meter-high ceilings in some parts of the flat – all that gave room for implementing Peter’s favorite elements – mezzanines. On top of that, the clients, a family with 2 kids, gave him a blank check. The only condition was warm color range.

The whole process took as long as 2 years, which was enough for the preset context to change: now the hosts got another 2 babies. This fact certainly affected the original architectural and functional plans.

The project was unique for many reasons, which made it possible to turn the lodging into a house in the house. Thanks to the great ceiling height, 2 levels were supplemented with another one, which added about 80 bonus square meters to the living space.


1 — Kitchen
2 — Dining room
3 — WC
4,5 — Walk-in closets
6 — Corridor

Metric area: 68.26 m²


The first level includes a kitchen, dining room, 2 walk-in closets and bathroom. With the exception of beds and sofas, the entire furniture of this apartment was custom-made from the architect’s drawings.

21-table 22-table

Downlights and suspended lamps — Traddel.

31-suspended lamps

Tile — Arkadia (Eco Ceramica), Nuovi Colori line, colors: Grigio Chiaro, Marron Druciato.

41-Tile — Arkadia 42-Tile


7,8,9 — Kids’ rooms
10 — Lounge with fireplace
11 — Billiard room
12 — Library
13 — WC
14 — Kids’ bathroom
15 — Boxroom
16 — Laundry
17 — Corridor
18 — WC
19 — Bathroom

Metric area: 189.14 m²


Initially the second level represented a high-ceilinged space, 60 m² in area. Now it is vertically divided into 2 parts. The lower one includes a lounge with a billiard-table, bar and fireplace.

61-second level

Lamps — Diesel with Foscarini.


Tile — Refin Ceramiche, Focus line, Verde color. Arm-chairs — Ulivi. Floor lamp — Diesel with Foscarini.


A block of 3 kids’ rooms is also high-ceilinged. After being divided into 2 levels, each of the rooms in the block got 30 bonus square meters.

91-doors 92-room 93-staircase 94-bathroom

Suspended lamp — Diesel with Foscarini.

101-Suspended lamp

Corkwood is the dominant finishing material used in the apartment.

111-Corkwood 112-Corkwood

The right side of the flat is set aside as a home library, also supplemented with a bonus level.

121-library 122-library


20 — Study
21 — Parents’ bedroom
22 — Corridor
23 — Adults’ bedroom
24 — Closet

Metric area: 53.97 m²


A bedroom and a study are located on the overbuilt level.


In his plan the architect made provisions for 2 offsets in the lift slab between the upper levels. One was set aside for stairs, the other forms a peculiar wellhole. In this fashion Peter was able to connect the 2 levels, balance the lighting and separate the study and the bedroom with glass partitions.

151-room-interior 152-bedroom 153-pillows 154-window

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