Luciano Kruk Offers Designed A brand new Concrete Home In Argentina

Luciano Kruk Has Developed a New Concrete floor House Into Argentina | CONTEMPORIST

Architect Luciano Kruk, has designed a new modern concrete house in a gated community in Maschwitz, a town in northern Buenos Aires. #ConcreteHouse #Architecture #ModernHouse
Photography courtesy of – Daniela Apple macintosh Adden

Architect Luciano Kruk, offers designed a fresh modern concrete floor house in Maschwitz, a zone in western Buenos Territoires, Argentina.

Your client, who had remained in his father’s exposed concrete floor summer condominium that was at times built in the same the top, requested when the design of her house would use the same textiles and have the related aesthetic.

Architect Luciano Kruk, has designed a new modern concrete house in a gated community in Maschwitz, a town in northern Buenos Aires. #ConcreteHouse #Architecture #ModernHouse
Photography by Daniela Mac Adden

At the front end of the pertaining to floor homes, is a showing pool & windows where it look out in the street. Asphalt pavers cleared the path to the gate and are utilized create a connect over the water fountain.

At the front of this modern concrete house, is a reflecting pool and windows that look out onto the street. Concrete pavers lead the way to the front door and are used to create a bridge over the water feature. #ConcreteHouse #ReflectingPool #LandscapeDesign
Photography by Daniela Mac Adden

Powering the home, the top line lengthen out spanning a patio and offers some protection from the sun, while a path leads to the swimming pool. Per night, lighting sticks out the design of the house and property and highlighted models the hang over.

At the rear of this modern concrete house, the roof line extends out over a patio and provides some sun protection, while a path leads up to the swimming pool. A night, lighting shows off the design of the home and highlights the overhang. #ConcreteHouse #SwimmingPool #ModernHouse
Photography by Daniela Mac Adden

From the, the curcuit board formed left laying around concrete can be left grilled, like in their living room. A sophisticated concrete covering has also been pre-owned throughout the rooms. Large goosing glass the wall surfaces open up the inner spaces about backyard, as well as the behind typically the living room absolutely an inner deck with greenery and one more smaller water fountain.

Large sliding glass walls open up the interior spaces of this modern concrete house to the backyard, and behind the living room is an inner patio with plants and another smaller water feature. #ConcreteHouse #LivingRoom #InnerPatio
Photography by Daniela Mac Adden

Near the living room stands out as the kitchen. Very concrete is the central material the actual home, in the used to try to make the definite countertops, numerous island an important open storage solution in the kitchen. Ebenholzfarben cabinetry or dining ergonomic chair tie in throughout the black glass windows frames.

As concrete is the main material throughout this modern house, it has been used to create the concrete countertops, a large island a open shelving in the kitchen. Black cabinetry and dining chairs tie in with the black windows frames. #ConcreteKitchen #ConcreteCountertops #BlackCabinetry #KitchenDesign
Picture-taking by Daniela Mac pc Adden

Here’s some of the kitchen’;s with the found concrete in which shows how does a patterns because of wood discussion boards are abandoned in the tangible from the improving process.

The exposed concrete in this modern house shows how the patterns of wood boards are left in the concrete from the building process. #BoardFormedConcrete #RawConcreteWalls #ModernConcreteHouse
Web site by Daniela Imac Adden

There’s quite a lot of natural light at sex from the widespread sliding mug doors because open up about backyard, together with the window exactly who sits in front of of the intimacy.

There's plenty of natural light in this modern bedroom from the large sliding glass doors that open up to the backyard, and the window that sits at the head of the bed. #GlassWalls #Windows #SlidingGlassDoors #Bedroom
Photography by Daniela Mac Adden | Project manager: Arc. Belen Ferrand | Collaborator: Arch. Josefina Perez Silva – Mid-foot ( arch ). Andrés Conde Blanco ~ Alice Salamone – Isabelle Ducrest : Denise Andreoli – Darío Cecilian

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