Little Re-Planned House for a Common IT Expert

This house interior design was developed by a group of skilled designers for the young THIS specialist great wife. The procedure started through total re-planning of the design. The point is this full-fledged 2-room apartment has been actually one-room initially, using a big complete area. Therefore , for a start the previous kitchen had been turned into the bedroom, as well as the rest of the room became a good open-concept family room, kitchen plus dining room. Let us have a nearer look at the information!


Family room & Kitchen area

The client great spouse are usually keen on bicycling. For them bikes are some thing more than just automobiles, and hence the particular designers needed to pay work to the concern of their storage space. A couple of wall-mounted racks resolved the problem, and today bicycles are becoming kind of the wall decorating scheme piece between your entry space and the family room, which is each practical plus decorative.

1-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-open-concept-kitchen-entry-living-room-island-bicycle-wall-mounted-racks-light-wood-strips-bar-stools-white-cabinets-yellow-world-map 2-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-design-open-concept-entry-living-room-gray-door-mat-gray-light-wood-strips-wall-mounted-bicycle-rack-white-console-TV-light-laminate

Your kitchen features a cooking area island having a cooker as well as a downdraft cover that components odors simply by rising verticle with respect to the counter top when you drive the key. It works within a recirculation setting via particular filters plus doesn’t have to become ducted out there. When not being used, it can be concealed away simply by pushing the particular button once again. This seems to be a very space-saving solution, specifically considering that the particular island performs the part of a dining room table at the same time. High bar stools flawlessly complement this. The planning area can be dressed up with a magnetic walls with the entire world map that will reminds the particular masters of the travels plus inspires all of them for further travels.


Research – Loggia

Big doors and windows leading to the particular loggia allow in lots of natural light. Organized here is a little cozy space with a function zone. The particular centerpiece of the area is really a concrete walls with exclusive “pockets” meant for planting interior flowers. This particular piece of art had been custom-made by having an incorporated automated watering program inside.



Within the bedroom the particular headboard area is finished using the same laminate that was utilized on the floor. This particular trick causes this pretty restricted space show up bigger. Your bed is made simply by IKEA, which is, in addition, the only furniture piece that was not custom-designed plus made. Along with space-saving in your mind the closet was furnished with a foldable door, as well as a countertop from the window had been made lengthy to play the particular role of the desk as well as a dressing desk at the same time.

4-contemporary-style-small-bedroom-interior-design-white-walls-built-in-closet-with-folding-door-countertop-windowsill-desk-dressing-table-light-laminate-headboard-gray-bed-cover 5-contemporary-style-small-bedroom-interior-design-white-walls-light-laminate-headboard-gray-bed-cover-black-wall-lamps-wall-mounted-dressing-table-open-rack


The bathroom roof is embellished with wooden strips, as well as the water tube is used as a drape rod along with a base pertaining to suspended stylish loft-style lights with uncovered wires.

7-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-design-white-brick-tiles-light-wood-wall-ceiling-strips-decor-concealed-washing-machine-laundry-loft-lamps-recess-storage-wash-basin-railing 8-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-design-white-brick-tiles-light-wood-strips-bathtub-screen-decor-loft-lamps-bulbs-wires-recess-storage-wash-basin-exposed-pipe-curtain-rod

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