Little City Residence in Traditional Style


A few designers think that classic internal style would work for large private homes with higher ceilings just, and in little apartments this looks absurd and out-of-place. In this sixty 4 sq . meters. apartment the particular designer provides tried to challenge this typical misconception. All its areas were refurbished in brand new classic design without any changes in the preliminary layout: a large kitchen, a good elongated family room and a bed room with a these types of window. The particular owners, a classic married couple, desired to create a lighting and appropriated classic internal on a simple budget. Let us take a look at the end result!


The particular sense associated with lightness inside a tight filter hallway can be reached through light color scheme: wallpaper, doorways, ceiling plus décor are usually white plus beige. Gentle glossy flooring tiles furthermore contribute to visible space enlargement.

An old-time street time clock is a major accent from the corridor. In order that it didn’t keep an eye out of location against the fairly neutral background, the particular designer provides “supported” this with a solid mirror framework.


The best living room comes with an elongated form. To even it the particular designer offers set a large wall-to-wall bookcase “at the finish of the tunnel”. Light wooden color helps you to make large furniture appearance smaller. Darkish wallpaper provides coziness plus sophistication. White-colored floor, roof and 3-D baseboard produce the false impression of area h7


A phony fireplace website with candle lights opposite the particular sofa is really a traditional component of classic-style family room. Contrasting gentle wall sections along the area perimeter can also be classics. Generally wall sections are more dark than the major wall colour, but in this particular project it is vice versa for the sake of a lot more light within the room.

Bed room is an isle of serenity and balance. Here the particular designer does not arrange any kind of accents – she is simply dipping the area into sun light and pleasure. The focal point of the area is a these types of window decked out with curtains – dense curtains along with subtle floral pattern give a nice comparison to internet curtains. A vintage coffee desk with curled legs plus an elegant arm-chair are the completing touch of the boudoir. The particular role from the bay windowpane is pointed out with accentuate lighting plus forged favorite.

A spacious wardrobe is placed into the walls niche as well as its face mixes into the common wall colour. The roof is also classic-style – using a medallion and also a candle-style chandelier.

In the kitchen main color will be aquamarine. Lighting panelled cooking area furniture performs on Provence motives. The particular designer the actual most of valuable area: home window sill is definitely an extension of the table best, and the room under the windowpane is organized as a storage space zone. Apart from, this place also conceals radiators.

A celebration wall can also be not squandered – using a plasterboard structure with cup doors it is a small reward kitchen cabinet.


The eating zone is certainly highlighted simply by contrasting wallpapers with considerable pattern – one more technique to increase the room aesthetically.

A small restroom is accented by respectable brown colour: a few darkish tiles in the wall and floor include volume towards the room. A conventional shower drape is changed with more hygienic and fashionable sliding cup doors. The cabinet along with glass doorways over the kitchen sink is also useful: it’s an added bonus storage area, which appears tidier compared to shelves, this is a mirror – a must-have in the bathing room, and it expands the small-size room aesthetically again.

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