Lilac and Beige: Restrained Conventional Apartment

How to organise a space, which usually now goes to a youthful family few, but can soon become presented for an old woman? How to make the 2-room residence equally comfy for associates of different decades? The answer can be soft, controlled color structure and conventional interior design.


House Profile

Area: 6ty sq . meters.

Bathrooms: 2

Ceiling elevation: 2 . 6ty 5 m.

Variety of rooms: 2

At this point the house is lived on by newly-weds, who intend to have a infant soon plus move to an even more spacious home, while this house will be introduced to the grandmother-to-be. That is why the inside designer established her option on smooth lilac-and-beige shades and natural traditional design, which would fulfill both youthful and old generations from the family.


The kitchen plus living room had been initially divided, tiny plus inconveniently situated. That’s the reason why the adjustments started through the design – arranged was obviously a spacious full-on lounge area and a huge open-concept ergonomical kitchen.


Predominant colors of the inner surface are smooth pastel shades of lighting blue, fine sand and lilac.

Lamps and chandeliers are traditional and mainly made by Laura Ashley brand name.


The majority of the home furniture had been custom-designed plus made based on sketches from the decorator, which includes an MDF kitchen fixed, a sitting down group, the TV remain and farmhouse tables for the family room; a closet, bedside furniture, a dresser and a mattress with gentle textile headboard for the bed room, and the whole bathroom home furniture.

4-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-travertine-ceramic-granite-tiles-MDF-kitchen-set-dining-suite-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-travertine-ceramic-granite-tiles-MDF-kitchen-set-dining-suite-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bedroom-sanderson-wallpaper-birds-pattern-textile-headboard-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-3-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-chest-of-drawers-painting-on-the-wall-traditional-neo-classical-style 5-4-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bathroom-traditional-neo-classical-style

When it comes to walls finishing , with the food prep it’s cleanable paint simply by Farrow & Ball, within the bedroom – lovely Sanderson wallpaper along with bird design, and in the particular living room – wallpaper along with stars simply by Zoffany, which usually perfectly fits delicate grayish lilac drapes, a light couch and attractive couch cushions.

6-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-zoffany-wallpaper-french-walnut-parquet-tulips-traditional-neo-classical-style 6-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-bedroom-sanderson-wallpaper-birds-pattern-textile-headboard-traditional-neo-classical-style

The flooring is made from parquet boards associated with “French walnut” hue, which usually adds some warm sweetie and fantastic shine towards the general controlled color structure. In the kitchen area laid has been Italian ceramic granite, which usually imitates travertine and mixes well with all the walls plus backsplash colour.

7-1-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-french-walnut-parquet-curtains-traditional-neo-classical-style 7-2-pastel-lilac-and-beige-interior-design-travertine-floor-ceramic-granite-tiles-traditional-neo-classical-style

The doors were made from pine wooden in Finland.


Based on the designer, the good thing about this task is a attractive and comforting color system, and a great balance in between high quality plus moderate budget range.

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