Lighting & Sunlit Moderate-Art-Déco Residence in Glowing blue Shades

This home design project was developed for a group of 3. They are a business person and operates his own firm. She is the musician plus loves to enjoy the keyboard in the evening. Found a fairly sweet 7-year-old girl. They imagined a comfortable house that would really feel cozy plus homey…


The even is situated within Moscow, in the house along with original cascade architecture. The majority of the top-floor flats have leaves to open terraces on a multilevel roof which flat any of them. In order to crown everything, the home windows face 3 points associated with compass.

This particular raw information laid the building blocks to the common style plus color idea of the interior. The particular clients’ desire was to maintain the feeling of spaciousness and airiness. That is why the particular designer selected pale azure and blue gray colors as taking over colors plus diluted these bronze plus natural wooden.


The place of the areas and their particular functionality are very classical. The general public part features a living room, the dining room and also a kitchen. The particular private area comprises the master bedroom, research and a visitor room. The particular bathrooms are usually arranged in the centre.

Moderate art-deco notes open in organic materials, home furniture shapes plus items of favorite.


The particular fireplace encircle is made from organic marble. Exactly the same material is certainly replicated with the food prep worktop plus cooker cover finishing plus perfectly mixes with a lovely wall mural arranged with the piano.

3-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-sofa-arm-chairs-chandelier-wall-mural-marble-fireplace-carpet-coffee-table 4-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-column-chandelier-wall-mural-piano-console-mirror

There is absolutely no TV-set within the living room which was a choice of theory – absolutely nothing should avoid the family members plus their visitors from a great talk. So when a wish to watch a good movie will become irresistible, you can go to the visitor room fitted with a big couch and a huge TV-set, which usually simultaneously performs the part of a home cinéma.

Just like the family room, the kid’s room is made in light glowing blue color palette, that is supposed to calm a little fidget’s active mood. Besides, this particular hue provides some greatness to this south-facing room.


The master suite is focused by mainly pastel, lighting and comfy colors – this space is north-facing. It comes with a private bathing room exit along with a heated loggia, where the partners can have several privacy as well as a pleasant little talk.


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