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Light And Airy EX-Officer’s Apartment With A Birch-Bedside-Table, A Wood-Trunk-Curtain-Rail & A Stepladder-Shoe-Stand


The Hosts:
Julia, a designer
Denis, a marketing specialist in a leasing company

Quantity of rooms: 2
Metric region: 56 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m
Floor quantity: 4

After a handful of years spent in rented dwellings, Julia and Denis bought an apartment of their own 2 years ago. Possessing estimated the quantity of funds they invest on rent, the spouses came to a conclusion that this purchase would be really excellent. The only stuffing of the lodging was an old sink, a water heater in the kitchen and a sole operating socket. The only utilizable space was the bathroom, so it was left untouched.

Within 2 months a operating gang place the flat in order, and Julia and Denis got down to its decoration. Built back in 1913 for single officers, the house had a custom layout: a single space for a batman, a tight bedroom for an officer, and a reception room for guests. For a commence, the hosts had 1 of the Gyproc walls torn down, as a result turning a 3-space apartment in a 2-space one. Some of the information remained from an original officer’s interior: for instance, a below-windowsill winter refrigerator under the windowsill for storing vegetables.

According to the couple, the rooms are half-habitable and tips of their re-make hold coming up till now. Most of the designer tricks and methods utilised right here had been inspired by Swedish interior blogs and adapted to this lodging.

Furniture products were coming mainly from IKEA. A few bookstands for the lounge had been ordered from a carpenter. Some of the things, saving memories of renovation time, were adjusted to the current needs. Thus, a stepladder in the entrance hall was transformed into a shoe stand. Souvenirs, brought from various travels, can be noticed here and there over the flat. Over time the lounge will be furnished with upholstered products: a sofa, arm-chairs and a grand table for getting guests.

12-space-interior 13-workplace 14-window

Despite the truth that windows overlook the sunny side, Julia and Denis didn’t hang any curtains. So the lounge and the kitchen usually stand sunlit. Out of sensible motives and in contrast to the rest of the rooms – with herring-bone parquetry, the kitchen floor is self-leveling. The rooms are joined with the help of large doors, which normally keep open for the sake of spaciousness. The hosts gave up the concept of putting a sofa in the kitchen when they realized that it will be out of spot in such a tight location. But on the hand, the spouses arrived at a conclusion that a micro working zone right here will come in handy.

21-kitchen 22-kitchen 23-area 24-room-interior

Laces for the bedroom came to Julia through her Grandma. In location of a conventional bedside table utilized have been 2 birch beams, and a thin trunk of a wood serves as a curtain rail. A framed postcard is produced by Polkka Jam – 2 Finnish artists, whose operates are liked by the hostess. 2 Jack Russell Terriers are referred to as Cardboard and Mit8.

31-lamp 32-bed 33-curtains 34-doors 35-dog 36-dogs

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