Learn how to Organize the Summer Cooking area: Tips, Tips and Pictures – Component 1

In summer season, cooking within a hot surrounded kitchen, all of us usually dream of a wisp of clean air, singing parrots and simply leaves shaking softly: in a word, all of the finer points of the nation life. For this reason today all of us decided to talk about how this particular dream can come true. Should you be a fortunate owner of the suburban home or a summer season cottage, the summer kitchen area will save you in the stuffiness plus cooking odours that always escort the food preparing process. Nevertheless , there are a few essential issues to think about before organizing such a kitchen area and we’d like to talk about them all. Therefore , let’s start!


1 ) Purpose of the summer cooking area

First and foremost, the same as any normal kitchen, the summer cooking area is intended to get cooking. For this reason general design requirements, dimensions and practical zoning from the space which includes storage, cleaning, preparation plus dining areas are totally common to have an indoor plus summer kitchen area. You may find read more about the basics associated with kitchen preparing from our prior post: Crucial Measurements associated with Kitchen Design Planning. What exactly is specific in regards to a summer cooking area is that aside from the above-mentioned places it can consist of other types, and we will discuss all of them below.

0-outdoor-summer-kitchen-set-interior-design-ideas-rocks-backsplash-stone-worktop-countertop-stainless-steel-metal-cabinets-white 1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-sink-ice-bottle-cooler-oven-gray-cabinets-set-brown-worktop-countertop 2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-total-gray-set-metal-steel-cebinets-sink-oven-terrace-open 3-outdoor-summer-kitchen-set-interior-design-ideas-gray-worktop-countertop-metal-steel-cabinets-terrace

second . Location of the summer kitchen area

The concept of the summer cooking area implies solitude from the living area, but just how remote in the house it can be depends just on your choice. A summertime kitchen could be constructed being an extension towards the house, spa or even a backyard gazebo, or even as a free-standing building. Some of these options offers both optimistic and damaging aspects. With regards to a summer season kitchen next to the house, it is more convenient when it comes to circulating involving the kitchen plus dining room (unless you have all of them both arranged in a single space), it’s much more comfortable for use in poor weather plus saves period spent on the length you operate during the day. However, a free-standing summer kitchen area wouldn’t warm up the walls of the house plus would conserve the house residents from food preparation smells plus stuffiness. Simultaneously, having a good isolated summer season kitchen involves the need for getting electric cables and drinking water pipes into it.

4-1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-on-a-terrace-metal-cabinets-dining-area-lounge-area-sofa-wicker-furniture-table-chairs-bar-stools-lanterns 4-2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-wooden-planks-terrace-metal-cabinets-steel-potted-flowers-pots-suspended-lamps-island 5-1-outdoor-summer-kitchen-exterior-design-ideas-free-standing-alone-isolated-separate-garden-green-open 5-2-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-open-closed-exterior-sliding-glass-doors-lounge-area-sofa-TV-set-dining-table

3. Open up and shut summer kitchen areas

The question that will deserves unique consideration is actually you want a or a shut summer cooking area. An open-concept room can grant the benefits of ideal ventilation, quality, coolness plus close-to-nature really feel. However , in cases like this you are most likely to face this kind of nuisances since insects plus birds, in addition to dust plus fallen simply leaves that the blowing wind will strike in. The closed kind will save you from these problems, yet there’s no requirement to isolate the area completely – remember that the primary purpose of the summer cooking area is to help you save from hotness and stuffiness. So , the win-win choice is a cooking area with huge opening home windows and/or slipping glass doorways. Moreover, you might opt for lighting and breathable materials for your walls, such as bamboo, such as. Also, it could be a good idea to near the kitchen simply partially, causing one or several sides open up.

6-outdoor-summer-kitchen-interior-design-ideas-open-free-standing-isolated-separate-columns-stone-metal-cabinets-dining-area-stools 7-outdoor-summer-kitchen-exterior-design-idea-red-glazed-closed-isolated-free-standing-separate-garden-dining-area-zone-table-benches

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