IKEA Launches a brand new Collection “Stockholm – 2017”: 25 Novelties

Today’s tempo of a lot more pretty quick: we obtained used to in a rush, getting fresh fruits of our tasks on the spot plus being involved in a few actions at a time. Yet there are items that will not endure hustle. This is why the ideas of “slow living” plus “hygge” (the Danish beliefs of convenience and serenity) are more appropriate now than in the past. They motivate us to prevent and enjoy every single moment in our lives.


Slower tempo and peace – which is what a lot of us miss first and foremost. Thus, 1 in every 3 participants from the recent analysis held simply by IKEA have to get a chance to possess nowhere in order to hurry plus spend more time upon daily schedule jobs. 32% of those selected are sure from doing this they will boost their life high quality. 23% from the interviewed think that increased tensions are caused by the truth that even in your own home we have lots of tasks which are urgent. However where are usually we meant to relax, in case even house becomes tense?

1-hand-blown-glass-blue-serving-bowl-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 4-chrome-plated-table-lamp-bedside-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 2-3-hand-blown-glass-blue-water-bottle- carafe-decanter-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 5-light-ash-wood-coffee-table-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

In the character, of course. Scandinavian landscapes would be the embodiment associated with pristine elegance, consistency, frequency of periods and exclusive pace of your time. This is furthermore relevant to abilities of Scandinavian masters – high-end items can’t be produced in a rush. It really is from the usual Scandinavian ideas of time, naturalness and great workmanship that will IKEA creative designers drew their particular inspiration for your new selection from.

6-hand-blown-glass-blue-serving-bowl-set-4-pieces-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 7-blue-dish-plate-inspired-by-water-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 8-hand-blown-blue-gall-flower-vase-candle-holder-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 9-chesntut-wood-tray-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 10-light-ash-wood-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

“Stockholm-2017” is among the most embodiment from the “slow living” concept. Every single piece from your new selection – be it a area rug, a holder, a toss pillow, a good arm-chair or even a wardrobe – was created with no regard towards the time plus resources invested. Moreover, IKEA’s designer group took an opportunity to improve their craftsmanship by individually attending the availability site within Indonesia.

11-red-orange-velvet-sofa-couch-throw-pillows-velvet-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 12-white-backrest-seat-cushion-set-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 13-rattan-arm-chair-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 14-blue-sofa-couch-with-throw-pillows-velvet-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 15-dark-blue-velvet-pouffe-ottoman-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

This is not the very first “Stockholm” currently. But regardless of what year it had been, those selections were generally characterized by modern Scandinavian design, practicality plus top quality. This season looking for motivation the developers focused on Swedish nature, specifically on the drinking water. What is particular about the Swedish water? It really is cold all year long, even in summer season. That is why the brand new collection functions so much Nordic dark azure pieces.

16-pile-less-carpet-rug-handmade-hexagonal-honeycomb-pattern-gray-and-white-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 17-pile-less-carpet-rug-handmade-zigzag-pattern-red-and-orange-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 18-chrome-steel-floor-lamp-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 19-pile-less-carpet-rug-handmade-dark-blue-with-a-fringe-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 20-pile-less-carpet-rug-handmade-hexagonal-honeycomb-pattern-black-and-white-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

However , the particular close-to-nature functions are not restricted to the color system. In “Stockholm-2017” you will find lots of products made out of natural, environmentally friendly and durable components, like rattan, ash wooden and hand-blown glass. Incidentally, many new items from this selection are hand made: this year tactile characteristics associated with furniture plus accessories received special attention.

24-cotton-duck-feather-filling-throw-pillow-couch-decorative-white-and-blue-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 21-cotton-duck-feather-filling-throw-pillow-couch-decorative-orange-red-and-white-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 22-cotton-duck-feather-filling-throw-pillow-couch-decorative-white-and-blue-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 23-cotton-duck-feather-filling-throw-pillow-couch-decorative-gray-and-white-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017 25-rattan-and-light-beige-ash-wood-cabinet-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

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