IKEA Launched the Kitchen Fixed Made from Reused PET-Bottles


Recycle of components and waste materials recycling are among the basic principles the fact that world famous Swedish brand IKEA adheres in order to. The company will pay much time plus effort to find techniques to give utilized plastic, wooden, paper along with other materials a brand new life. This can help to ease the problem on the atmosphere and look after the future of the earth. With this kind of thinking in your mind IKEA created an idea of creating their brand new Kungsbacka kitchen cabinets doors.


A common PET-bottle is used by a consumer regarding 25 a few minutes on average. And after that takes regarding 180-200 many years to corrosion. IKEA chose to increase the period plastic bottles may serve individuals up to quarter of a century and began to produce a polymeric foil from their website – right now it’s utilized to coat Kungsbacka kitchen models. New dull anthracite cupboard doors appear very sleek and they are as good when it comes to practicality every other kitchen areas produced by the particular Swedish brand name.

2-recycled-wood-chips-and-PET-plastic-bottle-pieces 3-IKEA-Kungsbacka-anthracite-gray-dark-graphite-black-kitchen-cabinet-doors-set-made-from-recycled-plastic-PET-bottles-eco-friendly-woodchips

However , Kungsbacka is not the only real IKEA’s item based on the concepts of recycling where possible and regard for the organic resources. For instance , their popular rectangular table pads called Skrutt comprise of approximately 50 percent of reused packaging components.


Yet another good sort of IKEA’s accountable attitude towards the environment is really a new number of mouth-blown urns with beautiful marble impact from the PS Collection . Actually IKEA produces several glass items, especially on the production web site in The far east. Like any various other manufacturing procedure, it has several rejected items that can not go on selling due to pockets or some other defects. Eventually IKEA got plenty of remaining glass bits of different colors. Simply by re-melting all of them for the brand new collection the particular brand obtained hundreds of completely unique, one of a kind vases, since the color plus pattern are a surprise, even though they are all mouth-blown in one as well as the same mold.


Furthermore, the Swedish brand producers a few number of boxes plus containers produced from paper plus plastic which were already utilized before.

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