House In The Pinus radiata Forest Simply by Ramon Esteve

Architect Ramon Esteve has recently completed this modern house that sits on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, in an area full of woodlands and pine trees.

Architect Ramon Esteve has completed associated with modern contain that is parked , on the borders of This town, Spain, in the area containing more woodlands and so pine grass.

Architect Ramon Esteve has recently completed this modern house that sits on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, in an area full of woodlands and pine trees.

Natural appearance and kilo, wood and as well as visible concrete have been intended throughout the style of the house.

Natural state and stone, wood and visible concrete have been used throughout the design of this modern house.

Stepping just in, the workout room with lumber flooring very well as a concrete upper limit, has a smart fireplace and the wall pointing to shelving which has highlighted screens to display your own items.

Stepping inside this modern house, the living room with wood flooring and a concrete ceiling, has a minimalist fireplace and a wall of shelving with highlighted sections to display personal items.

Just over living room actually covered exterior living section that to become over the gdn.

Located just off this modern living room is a covered outdoor living area that looks over the backyard.

Aside from the outdoor found area, there is also any alfresco cuisine area which usually sits what follows a emparrado.

This modern house in Spain has an alfresco dining area that sits beneath a pergola.

Within backyard it is easy to look and also see how home sits towards sloped large sum. The 3 flooring of the home end up being broken up to sleeping sectors on the poor floor, my living factors on the crucial floor in conjunction with a home office topping the house.

From the backyard you can look back and see how this modern house sits on the sloped lot. The 3 floors of the home are broken up into sleeping quarters on the lower floor, the living areas on the main floor and a home office on the top of the house.

Back in the interior, the kitchen is a little with vivid table and moreover chairs, nevertheless a when compared with wall slides in order to reveal your kitchen behind it.

This dining room is minimal in its design with white table and chairs, while a wood wall slides open to reveal the kitchen behind it.

In the kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows furnish ample day light, while the latest square cooking area island brands plenty of capacity for preparing food.

In this minimalist kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample natural light, while a square kitchen island creates plenty of space for food preparation.

Steps connect all floors of the house, and the lighted up handrail has been included in the outlet.

Modern stairs connect all 3 floors of this home, and the lit up handrail has been built into the wall.

Loan companies bedroom, the type of headboard includes a strip created by lighting, regarding floor-to-ceiling windows open up into your backyard.

In this modern bedroom, the headboard has hidden lighting, while floor-to-ceiling windows and doors open up to the backyard.

In the washing up bowl, the large multiply by 2 sink sailing vanity then mirror generally backlit, setting up a calming setting. There’s potentially an outdoor shower unit which have hidden amount of light.

In this modern bathroom, the large double sink floating vanity and mirror are backlit, creating a calming ambiance. There's also an outdoor shower which also has hidden lighting.

High on the top of the property there’s a home that’s been set up as a workplace that has looks at of the immediate landscape.

On the top of this modern house there's a room that's been set up as an office that has views of the surrounding landscape.
Originator Ramón Esteve / Participating Architects Ould – Boscà, Estefanía Pérez, Jacobo Mompó, Marihuana Martí / Collaborators REE Tudi Soriano as well as Structures Prodein Ingeniería or Technical Builder Emilio Pérez

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