House Amore Task: French and Scandinavian Design Mix

What pictures does the particular phrase “Scandinavian style” conjure up in your head? We can not say without a doubt, but what ever interior a person imagined, we are able to tell you in the 99% degree that it a new perfectly natural, apparently whitened background. As well as for sure this particular interior had been quite laconic and plain and simple. Minimalism, subsequently, implies the existence of solely important furnishing plus décor. Within Home Amore project simply by RIS Interior Design (Taiwan) the particular walls may also be light as well as for the most component white as well as the furnishing element is symbolized only simply by must-haves. Yet unlike 100 % pure Scandinavian decorations, its austere furniture plus décor is usually touched from the spirit associated with French design. Speaking metaphorically, in this house Scandinavian design created type of a painting for classy and unostentatious French motifs. And we claim that you have a nearer look at each one of the rooms…


Living room

At first glance the family room interior is extremely contemporary plus designed based on the latest styles of Western style: the fashionable black-and-white color structure, a darkish black natural leather sofa, a mild wall-mounted stand under the Television set instead of a normal console, a team of coffee tables and the like. But upon looking nearer the eye captures plenty of information that are therefore French: the ceiling medallion, a few naturalistic hues that will perfectly renew the boring black-and-white structure, vintage luggage arising the particular sense associated with nostalgia, shaggy throw cushions and a area rug on the floor that will bring the feeling of supreme coziness plus hominess… Many of these details are usually fit into the particular Nordic history so masterfully that you can barely notice the eclecticism of the structure.

0-1-4-room-apartment-plan-scheme-layout-with-furniture-3-bedrooms-open-concept-living-dining-room 1-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-open-concept-living-dining-room-white-walls-doors-black-furniture-sofa-coffee-tables-cornices-ceiling-medallion 1-2-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-lounge-living-room-black-leather-sofa-throw-pillows-coffee-tables-white-walls-brown-ottoman-wall-ar2rk-painting-padded-stool-leather 1-3-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-lounge-living-room-wall-mounted-TV-rack-vintage-suitcases-on-the-floor-white-walls-black-sofa-coffee-tables-group-of-lamps-bulbs-cornices

Dining room

At first the dining area and kitchen area were remote from the family room by a partition, and hence terribly lacked daytime. Given that this particular space is definitely windowless (it’s a corridor with leaves to the restroom and bedrooms), the most reasonable solution has been to destroy the walls and associated with kitchen available to the living room. Thanks to white-colored walls completely reflecting sun light and the open up concept of the particular layout, right now the family obtained a full-on public room ideal for conversation and visitors and with lots of sunlight arriving inside.


The kitchen area is pretty plain and simple and compact, along with white shiny cabinets. The particular white system is diluted with a darkish solid wood desk, a couple of darkish mismatched chair and dark brown door manages. And the part of a brilliant splash can be played with a collection of ornamental Copenhagen china displayed around the wall.

2-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-dining-room-small-kitchen-white-cabinets-minimalistic-dark-brown-wooden-table-chairs-doors 2-2-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-open-concept-dining-room-kitchen-white-walls-dark-brown-table-mismatched-chairs-blue-decorative-wall-plates-track-lights-bedroom-exit-door

Master suite

Right from the particular dining room you can get to the particular master bedroom. Similar to the living room, it is designed inside a black-and-white colour scheme, using a darkish wood flooring and grey used because the third main color. Right here contemporary-style components, such as a mattress, a modern nightstand, geometrical patterns upon home fabric and a contemporary floor light are found close to objects that will embody custom and regard for background: a rocking chair, the cozy bedspread, and a makeup mirror framework with a contact of old style.

3-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-black-white-gray-wooden-bed-geometrical-home-textile-throw-pillows-bed-cover-bedspread-rocking-chair-curtains-floor-lamp-closet 3-3-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-black-white-gray-geometrical-cover-bedspread-rocking-chair-throw-pillows-curtains-wall-to-wall-closet-wardrobe 3-2-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-black-white-gray-wooden-bed-geometrical-home-textile-throw-pillows-bed-cover-bedspread-floor-lamp-nightstand-dressing-table-make-up-mirror-retro-painted

More youthful sister’s bed room

The experts have 2 grown-up children, and each of these has a individual bedroom created individually. Younger sister’s space looks quite pure: the particular walls, roof, floor as well as furniture are usually total-white. Appears like a tip on motifs of People from france Provence design. This history is rejuvenated by gentle blue coated wall at the rear of the headboard, a glowing blue bedspread, natural powder pink drapes and a grayish beige gaming console desk. Inspite of the elongated plus narrow form of the room, because of such a lighting color palette this looks really airy plus non-cluttered.

4-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-white-pale-pink-curtains-light-blue-wall-white-furniture-big-closet-wardrobe-console-desk-dressing-table-throw-pillows-white-floor 4-2-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-white-pale-pink-curtains-light-blue-wall-white-furniture-big-closet-wardrobe-console-desk-dressing-table-throw-pillows-white-floor-books-pile-stacked 4-3-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-white-pale-pink-light-blue-wall-white-furniture-closet-wardrobe-console-desk-dressing-table-throw-pillows-white-floor

Elder sister’s bedroom

The particular elder sister’s room can be arranged within pastel shades as well, yet here the particular accents are usually put in the new way. The eye-catchy details of this particular interior are usually beautiful lighting green wallpapers with flower pattern, attractive wood wheat of the darkish floor plus a gorgeous gaming console desk within retro design. The latter is certainly, by the way, quite special for that family since it’s really old plus brings lovely memories towards the inhabitants from the flat. Specifically for this task it was refurbished by the developer and provided a hands touch associated with paint clean imitating the paint. Much like all the other sleeping rooms, this one includes a roomy full-on wardrobe intended for storing individual stuff.

5-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-pale-green-wallpaper-floral-pattern-retro-console-desk-dressing-table-white-bed-wall-to-wall-closet-wardrobe-Venetian-blinds 5-2-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-decor-pale-green-wallpaper-floral-pattern-retro-console-desk-dressing-table-white-bed-Venetian-blinds-candles-pictures


Finally we all came to the final, but not minimum beautiful space of the residence – the restroom. Now this looks therefore fresh plus stylish that will it’s difficult to believe that just before renovation it had been absolutely contaminated with wall structure cancer. Using this problem in your mind, the bottom section of the walls had been finished along with elegant greenish gray ceramic tiles, and the top part had been coated along with special water-proof paint resists moisture plus any fungus. And a completing touch associated with “tradition” has been added simply by faux wooden tiles placed in a herringbone pattern on the ground.


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