Home furniture Upholstery for the future by Benjamin Hubert

Ironically, manufacturing of “eco-friendly” furniture requires tones associated with natural sources. Those producers who realize that are progressively starting to eat less organic materials plus focus on the particular reduction associated with wastes rather. But can you really create some thing beautiful plus aesthetically pleasing applying this approach? Obviously! Benjamin Hubert, an The english language industrial developer and head, keeps astonishing us together with his new masterpieces every year. All of the pieces of furniture created by him are usually characterized by contemporary minimalistic forms, ergonomics plus elegancy. Every of them is made under technology of the alleged “economical production”.


Benjamin believes that will design within quite simple also it can take minimal amount of components and no unnecessary wastes . This developer can create a bit of design through almost nothing as well as the result is definitely inspiring plus impressive. Plus it’s not simply economy. It is industrial type of top quality.

Benjamin Hubert works together with such manufacturers as Nike pas cher, BMW, Samsung, Braun plus PepsiCo. Regrettably, many of their achievements are usually confidential, yet today we’d like to talk about his preferred sphere associated with job – upholstered furnishings and revolutionary fabrics.

Everything started through 2 arm-chairs dubbed “ Juliet ” and “ Dress ”. Their frameworks seem to be outfitted with furniture, which produced this furnishings geometrical, light-weight and cut. And there is not a one wasted centimeter of material, leather or even metal within their production.

1-Garment-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-blue-arm-chair-of-non-standard-shape-contemporary 2-Juliet-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-blue-leather-arm-chair-of-non-standard-shape

Exactly the same is true for that “ Inlay ” plus “ Prop ” couches. They flawlessly fulfill their particular main features and can end up being easily match any modern interior. As well as the materials utilized are only associated with ultimate high quality. The manufacturer statements that they might take a couple of times more time and assets to produce, when the brand are not aware along with Benjamin Hubert’s philosophy.

3-Inlay-sofa-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-red-sofa-slim-legs 4-Prop-sofa-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-blue-sofa-slim-legs

Numerous world manufacturers pay much attention to environmental issues, recycling where possible and decrease of waste products. Benjamin typically chooses this kind of companies pertaining to collaboration. Primary fruits associated with his relationship was the Holder Collection simply by Moroso , Italy.


In this partnership Benjamin developed special internet fabric that will perfectly extends and maintains its form, which makes arm-chairs made in this not just fancifully-shaped, but also incredibly ergonomical plus “aware” of all of the anatomic top features of a human’s body. The particular arm-chair appears very well-ventilated and is similar to a hammock, but it is very extremely durable plus strong simultaneously.

6-Cradle-Moroso-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-innovative-net-upholstery-fabric-stretchy-colors-red-white-black-beige-blue-green-gray 7-Cradle-Moroso-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-red-arm-chair-innovative-net-upholstery-fabric-stretchy-ergonomical-flexible-backrest

With the help of their innovative material Benjamin Hubert has already developed many indoor pieces apart from arm-chairs. Plus they’re becoming more and more popular among global designers in spite of their apparently exaggerated minimalism.


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