HILLSIDES: Corian Container Holder Created by Gonçalo Campos

What pictures does the term “Portugal” conjure up in your head? Perhaps, they are corkwood trees and shrubs and items, amazing structures, a successful soccer team, marvelous cuisine, plus beautiful music. But we all bet it turned out world famous Colonial wine plus vineyards which you put otherwise you number one. Plus who otherwise would come plan an idea to show wine storage space into a skill, if not the Portuguese guy?


An innovative bottle owner can perform the function of an exceptional piece of indoor décor. Which statement is unquestionably true for your latest task of a younger Portuguese developer Gonçalo Campos – the particular HILLS container holder.

The particular sculptural character of this item is not just an attractive wave style selected because of its harmonious smooth look. Certainly, it has a fascinating message at the rear of and represents 2 ideas: on the one hand, the particular waves make-up traditional tissue that have been employed for storing bottles for ages; and the other hands, they represent the hillsides covered along with endless plantations of grape-bearing vines. As well as the latter reality gave the particular holder the name – the “HILLS”.


Yet being very traditional plus symbolic, the particular HILLS owner looks fairly contemporary plus sleek too. This is because of 2 essential characteristics associated with Corian®, the particular material it really is made of: power and creating properties.

Corian is a very special material, having a huge possible and opportunities. On the one hand, it is extremely stiff, resists shock a lot and other mechanised impacts. It is almost impossible in order to chip this.

On the other hand, this belongs to some small number of thermoplastic components that turn out to be very versatile when warmed up to 150-200 degrees Grad. This allows just for cutting, curving, shaping plus curving this into unlimited forms just like a sheet associated with paper and after that freezing the particular flowing types. The process is known as “thermoforming”. Exactly the same technology is utilized for making the particular HILLS container holder: just one sheet associated with Corian is usually sliced plus molded in to waves. Ultimately, it seems like the wine bottle is usually fixed with the bands associated with some incredibly stretching materials and gives these types of bands the form of the dunes. While in reality it’s another way circular, and it is the particular solid construction that is keeping the containers. Such an impact makes this container holder the sculptural focal point of a kitchen area countertop or perhaps a living room gaming console.


Incidentally, besides creating properties plus resistance, Corian has some other valuable functions that differentiate it through the rest of components. For example , it is ability to be provided to polishing: thanks to this, the final items seem to be minimize of a strong piece. Exactly the same applies to glue joints – they can be sanded and refined so flawlessly that you will certainly not notice the seam. Second, Corian does not have any microscopic skin pores typical associated with natural components, and hence offers high exploitation and delete word qualities. Finally, Corian is usually warmer to the touch than organic stone: because of lower heat conductivity, it will take on the background temperature. Plus 4thly, Corian can be quickly cleaned through domestic oil and unsightly stains with some soapy drinking water.

So , the particular HILLS container holder represents a nice mixture of contemporary style and excellent material.

The particular holder was created for a multi-authored & BLANC brand for property accessories.

3-1-creative-wave-design-wine-bottle-holder-accessory-HILLS-by-Goncalo-Campos-Portugal-&Blanc-white-Corian 3-2-creative-wave-design-wine-bottle-holder-accessory-HILLS-by-Goncalo-Campos-Portugal-&Blanc-white-Corian

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