Happy Christmas DO-IT-YOURSELF Ideas associated with Old Bulb Recycling

Christmas is usually gradually nearing our doorsteps, which means it is just ideal timing to create new vacation home decor ideas plus make loved ones evenings a lot more fruitful plus creative. The majority of the ideas we have collected on this page can be applied with the involvement of children, and the major component for all those these DO-IT-YOURSELF decorations is totally trivial – common bulbs.


The easiest, yet quite spectacular concept implies the usage of just 2 components – some stuff and glitter glue.

1-1-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-decorations-paint-glitter-glue 1-3-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-decorations-paint-glitter-glue-ribbons-white-Christmas-tree 1-2-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-decorations-paint-glitter-glue-Christmas-tree

The next stage of difficulty requires a lot more imagination plus sense associated with beauty, since you need to discover materials for any handmade nasal area, antlers, eye and wings.

2-1-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-decorations-deer 2-2-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-Christmas-tree-decorations-bees

Your kids are usually keen on ar2rk and understand how a clean and some gouache can make wonders, don’t these people? Great! This is a bunch of tips for your family members!

3-3-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-painted-Christmas-tree-decorations-snowman 3-1-old-light-bulbs-recycling-reuse-ideas-DIY-handmade-painted-Christmas-tree-decorations-penguins

These hand crafted bouquets appear to be pieces of art. Yet a more cautious look might tell you they take only a bunch of in a different way shaped older bulbs, another of which are usually coated along with golden aerosol paint.


Even a Bethlehem star could be created from a collection of old bulbs.


Are you currently pretty good along with polymer clay-based? It’s about time to move onto the next amount of mastery!


The word “Craquelure” makes you mark, doesn’t this? Then it is high time to go to a DO-IT-YOURSELF store and obtain down to function!


The mini-garden along with Christmas nature will take you a few bulbs, a vintage garland plus a piece of cable.


The rich variety of similar bulbs and a group of gouache color is a good cause to make a spectacular Christmas wreath.


Some thing simple and some thing complicated can build something shiny, charming plus one-of-a-kind!


Tiny items that you held in small boxes for years “just within case” can be given an additional chance.


Older children could be involved in some thing more complicated. As well as a small design prepared within the very beginning will certainly speed up the procedure.


In case paper plus scissors encourage your kid greater than paint as well as a brush, it isn’t really a problem. We now have a couple of concepts for you as well!


“Living” Christmas shrub decorations are usually, perhaps, the particular nicest and many inspiring from the old bulb recycling tips we have to suit your needs today.


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