Greatest Bathroom Improvements Created by Younger Designers within 2017 (Roca Contest)

On the twenty-8 th of Might Moscow initially hosted the famous worldwide bathroom home design contest structured by the ROCA brand plus dubbed 1 DAY DESIGN PROBLEM. 230 individuals had simply 8 hrs to generate extremely innovative contemporary bathroom options. And the court represented simply by professionals from the Roca Corporation had simply 2 hours in order to assess all of the works and choose 3 those who win.


Based on the rules from the contest, it is available just for qualified developers and learners studying structures and style and from ages under 3 decades. The individuals were separated into 122 groups – this kind of format has been meant to expose talents from the youth plus let them possess genuine human brain storms. Therefore , let’s possess a sneak look at the 3 award-winning tasks, which amazed the court more than various other 119 suggestions.

Prize one: 2-in-1 – Bathtub plus Shower Holder

The first reward, which was corresponding to the sum of 5, 000 European, went to the particular “BATH + TRAY” task by Angelica Filatova through the Studioplan. The lady managed to encounter the long lasting problem of preference between the bathtub and also a shower log cabin in an classy way – by merging a full-on bath plus shower holder via a cellular side walls in a single device.


Reward 2: Super-Stretchy Bathtub

The 2 nd award (3, 000 Euro) was given towards the “SPORUL” task created by the particular VOSQ group – “nikita” Kolyadin, Nikolai Yudin plus Stephan Pyanych. The structure worked out simply by them includes a few lines of stretching out material, that allows for changing a bath tub to the requirements of different types of users, which includes babies, seniors and the literally handicapped.


Prize 3 or more: Mathematically Ideal Bathtub

The 3rd place has been taken by the particular “FIBOBATH” task created by the particular couple of Dmitry Ponomarev plus Anna Reshetnikova from the SMIRNOVDESIGN and Kirill Saldaev from your ObjectLab. Their particular idea had been to create a transformable framework in line with the Fibonacci numerical formula, which may increase ergonomics, safety and durability of the bath.


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