Great time Chiller: Effective Home Device for Expert Cook-&-Chill Food preparation

The system associated with professional cooking area hardware called “Grand Cuisine” was offered by Electrolux Professional this past year and instantly overshadowed all of the competitors when it comes to quality, opportunities and cost, of course. All its 9 elements are usually meant for professional-chef-like cooking in your house, at the amount of the best dining places of the globe. The elements protect all probable cooking procedures and include the high-precision cooker, a vacuum sealer allowing for sous-vide cooking, an excellent induction area and a encompass induction area for sizzling and baking, a sear hob to get cooking with no pan, the standing mixing machine, a unique ventilation program, and a oven for the many demanding culinary chefs. But the many outstanding part of Grand Food in our simple opinion will be the Blast Refrigerator and we’d like to talk about it in more detail.


Possibly, you have noticed something regarding the cook-and-chill technique, have you? This particular interesting food preparation approach can be widely used within restaurants globally, where maintaining foodstuffs refreshing and preserving time upon chilling beverages is best. In this technique a powerful equipment is used in order to blast relax and freeze out dishes from the stove. But the most significant thing about this is not just the velocity. The thing is that within regular freezers crystals associated with ice are usually inevitably created inside food, and it is because of all of them frozen foods loses the original consistency and flavor. By great time chilling plus freezing the particular ice does not appear, and therefore fresh vegetables, smooth fruits, sweets and sensitive meat could be frozen without having to sacrifice their flavor and structure.


Getting such expert kitchen apparatus at home is particularly relevant to 2 categories of individuals – supporters of sweets and favorable hosts. Therefore, with the Boost Chiller you can obtain ready for getting guests in advance, chilling plus freezing sizzling hot meals from the cooker, instead of operating across the cooking area when visitors are already on the porch. Apart from, the cupboard of the Boost Chiller can be quite roomy and may chill as much as 10 containers of bubbly to the ideal temperature associated with 8 levels within just half an hour.


When it comes to fans associated with desserts, they might surely prefer the way they could make split desserts inside a few minutes rather than few hrs they invested earlier. For example, the delicacy on the picture below traditionally takes in regards to a whole day for making. By means of great time freezing you can chill every single layer, which includes strawberry panna cotta, lime cream plus vanilla ice-cream almost inside a blink of the eye. Apart from, the manufacturer provides dozens of tested recipes of drinks, desserts, ice-cream and even espresso that can be made up of the Great time Chiller quickly and rapidly.


When it comes to design of the particular Grand Food line, it is out of period and style and can become fit into any kind of kitchen internal.

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