Glamour Collection of Lights by Serip Inspired simply by Winter Trees and shrubs

Have you ever heard everything about the idea of “verticalism”? Actually it’s very fresh plus appeared fairly recently, within the sphere associated with architecture. You may already know, the brand new tendency that overcome the world of structures in the twentieth century was your willingness to develop tall, top to bottom buildings, and particularly skyscrapers. Slowly the term has brought root within the sphere associated with design generally and now we are able to even use this with guide to…lamps. Indeed, that’s correct. That is precisely the style that will pre-determined the appearance of Glamour variety of lamps made by Serip brand name from Spain.


Prior to we obtain down to the particular collection, let us say several words regarding the manufacturer. Serip started like a small loved ones business within 1961. In the past the world has been striving for classics and this Colonial company centered on solely conventional and traditional lamp styles. Over time, within 1980s, Serip felt prepared to present some thing brand new, something which had been in no way produced in the particular lighting market. However , as much brilliant tips in the world of ar2rk that use advance of the times, Serip’s ideas turned out to be too unique for the mindset of that period. However , this particular fact wouldn’t discourage the particular designers through the 2000s the company began to position on their own as “organic lighting”.

Which was therefore right. Every single collection simply by Serip is certainly inspired simply by something gorgeous from the planet of character: a design, fallen fall leaves or even a coral. Plus Glamour selection that we’d like to place is not very. Despite the name that will seems to be up to now from organic things, Glamour was motivated by…winter scenery. And in particular, simply by winter trees and shrubs “decorated” along with icicles.


But as opposed to winter trees and shrubs that remain without simply leaves covered along with icicles and may be barely distinguished through each other, Serip’s lamps are extremely different. A lot more than 10 years back the company noticed that in the contemporary world personalization and customization become something which makes individuals tick. Therefore, the brand name offers twenty 9 colors choices for glass “icicles” and 10 options associated with metal completing. But this is simply not the end. All of the lamps are usually produced from cup and bronze, and you can barely find a auto technician element in the availability process. The particular bronze construction is created through sandcasting and each part of glass can be hand taken. So , while you understand you can find never 2 same items, every light is one of a kind. Besides, you can choose a Glamour lamp inside a floor, desk, ceiling or even chandelier execution, medium- or even large-sized. Once again, every item is personalized and can end up being adapted for virtually any measurements, surface finishes and colors to squeeze into any inner surface. A wintertime tree could be truly “winter” or so vibrant and spring-time that you will barely see the icicles in these vivid pieces of cup. And as there is a saying, “a image is worth 100 words”. Therefore , just love this particular splendid selection:

1-available-glass-finishings-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass 1-available-metal-finishings-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-large-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass-2 chandelier-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass-2 chandelier-in-interior-design (3)-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass chandelier-in-interior-design-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass floor-lamp-in-interior-design-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass floor-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass table-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-sconce (2)-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-sconce-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass

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