Genuine Photographer’s Level & Course in the Aged Loft

The owner of this particular house, Serge, spent 7 years operating and residing in Japan in order to finally return to Moscow plus open a personal gallery, which usually promotes asian culture. Perfectly point this individual was thinking about having a course and a picture studio associated with his own. The proper space has been found in the heart from the Russian funds, on the loft floor of the very old home. With the passing of time this became a spot, where the learn lives whenever he has to retire directly into his covering.


The inside was created simply by Serge, their brother great best friend. Based on him, numerous exclusive astonishing interior components were at first absolutely unexpected. For example , the particular centerpiece from the workshop – a marbled podium – was initially built to hide the heating system systems. In support of after a while it had been decorated having a pompous bath tub, which was an urgent birthday present of their friends. However, marble useful for finishing the particular pedestal includes a history – formerly this used to beautify the wall space of the destroyed Russia Resort.

1-1-eclectic-style-artist's-room-workshop-study-bedroom-bathtub-claw-foot-marble-podium-metal-bed-work-area-desk-computer-attic-loft-floor-sloped-ceiling-skylights-old-brick-masonry 1-2-eclectic-style-artist's-room-workshop-bedroom-retro-bathtub-claw-foot-marble-podium-attic-loft-floor-sloped-ceiling-chest-of-drawers-green-garden-bench 1-3-eclectic-style-artist's-room-workshop-study-bedroom-bathtub-claw-foot-marble-podium-bed-work-area-desk-computer-attic-loft-floor-sloped-ceiling-skylights

Previously the loft was completely penetrated along with massive wood beams, that have been then properly removed following a metal platform had been set up instead. As well as the beams had been rationally re-used for making brand new mounts for your work table.


The particular owner’s enthusiasm is sixties and items coming from those times. That is why the majority of the furniture plus lamps had been purchased from foreign flea markets. And several pieces of decorating scheme, like a Chinese language tea holder, for example , are usually literally vintage.

3-1-antique-vintage-Chinese-tea-tray 3-2-eclectic-style-decor-souvenris-bureau-vintage-stuff 3-3-eclectic-style-bathroom-wash-basin-decor-souvenirs-marble 3-4-eclectic-souvenirs 3-5-eclectic-souvenirs 3-6-plastic-ball-lamp-red-and-white

For many years the particular master worked in cooperation with a popular Soviet plus Russian movie director, screenwriter and designer Rustam Khamdamov. He is mostly of the contemporary artists, whose functions have been incorporated into the Hermitage’s collection within their lifetime. Great paintings happily decorate the particular walls of the flat.

4-1-eclectic-style-interior-wooden-walls-cameras-paintings-Diana-Spencer-loft-attic-sloped-wooden-ceiling-metal-bed 4-2-eclectic-style-interior-wooden-walls-old-brick-masonry-dark-wood-door-small-wheeled-sofa-cameras-paintings-Diana-Spencer

Contemplating how much period Serge usually spends at movie sets, it isn’t really in the least astonishing that the facility is full of movie stage sets. For instance, the particular stuffed lamb was showcased in the newest Khamdamov’s film.


Apart from, the learn is a huge fan associated with celluloid plastic material dolls and it has collected lots of pieces from your 20 th hundred years.


Serge doesn’t brain IKEA furnishings: according to your pet, it maintains spaces through looking like museums.

One more primary detail will be curtains hand crafted from several, 000 ping pong balls – they individual a small walk-in closet.


Here you do not find a conventional kitchen – Serge will with simply a sink as well as a small electric powered oven. The bar desk was hand made from a well used door present in the street.

8-1-eclectic-style-bedroom-interior-design-in-the-loft-attic-sloped-wooden-ceiling-metal-bed-framework-small-kitchen-island-with-exposed-pipes-green-wooden-countertop-sink-samovar-bar-table-stools 8-2-eclectic-decor-tableware-vintage-stuff-samovar-tea-trays-pots-bottles

The most wonderful part of this particular flat is really a roof leave with a marvelous city watch.


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