Gabriel Rivera Designers Have Created A New Beach House Within Ecuador

Gabriel Rivera Architects Possess Designed A brand new Beachfront Home In Ecuador | CONTEMPORIST

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos have designed a modern beach house in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, that has interiors that open up to enjoy the breeze of the water.
Picture taking by Sebastian Crespo

Gabriel Rivera Arquitectos have developed a modern house right on the particular beach within Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. The home is arranged in an D shape, along with one part pointing towards beach, as well as the other that contains the interpersonal areas of the house.

The exterior of the house naturally matches the scenery around this by having a materials palette associated with white, wooden, and rock. At night the particular residence turns on from most of angles producing an ethereal effect.

The exterior of this modern beach house naturally suits the landscape around it and has a material palette of white, wood, and stone. At night the residence lights up from all angles creating an ethereal effect.
Photography simply by Sebastian Crespo

The stone pathway brings you to definitely the front of the house where you can get into through the entry way or the slipping patio doorways. The outdoor can be surrounded by cup doors, as well as for extra safety when the house owners are aside and to safeguard the interior in the sun, wooden brise-soleils addresses slide on the glass doorways.

This modern beach house has a stone walkway that brings you to the front of the home where you can enter through the front door or the sliding patio doors. The patio can be enclosed by glass doors, and for extra security when the home owners are away and to protect the interior from the sun, wood brise-soleils covers slide over the glass doors.
Photography simply by Sebastian Crespo

The particular placement of the home allows this to have a big lawn plus direct access towards the beach.

The placement of this modern beach house house allows it to have a large lawn and direct access to the beach.
Pictures by Sebastian Crespo

Heading within, the eating and family room have a spectacular view from the water. The particular combination of white-colored, stone, plus wood are utilized again within the home to produce a cohesive style.

Heading inside this modern beach house, the dining and living room have a breathtaking view of the water. The combination of white, stone, and wood are used again inside the home to create a cohesive design.
Photography simply by Sebastian Crespo

At the upper ground of the home, there’s a covered outdoor area that is protected through the sun with a shade cruise. Simply embellished, plants encircle the common region creating the result of a railing-less deck.

On the upper floor of this modern beach house, there's a covered patio area that's protected from the sun by a shade sail. Simply decorated, plants surround the common area creating the effect of a railing-less deck.
Pictures by Sebastian Crespo

Also with this floor would be the bedrooms. Simplified lighting along with a corner window keep your bedroom shiny, and allow for your view from the beach as the most important aspect in the room.

Simplistic lighting and a corner window keep the bedroom bright, and allow for the view of the beach to be the most important element in the room.
Pictures by Sebastian Crespo

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