five Ideas of making WC-and-Bathroom Combinations: Before and After

Creating a solitary space away from 2 individual rooms – a WC and a bathing room – appears to be the most logical way out whenever we’re disappointed with the dimension of each. If you currently thought about this particular, but still do not dare to begin the modifications, this post is simply for you. We now have 5 great examples of combinations with feedback!


Rearrangement № one

In changing this bathing room the builder managed to get rid of an old little bath using the length of simply 150 centimeter. Once the walls between the 2 rooms have been demolished, this became feasible to change the door. Because of this technique, a bigger 170-cm-long bathtub might be installed across the wall.

Upon entering the area the first thing you observe is the clean basin cupboard. While the drinking water closet is situated in a place which is less noticeable. And because of built-in installing of the dish, the clean basin cupboard doesn’t protrude.


Rearrangement № 2

In this case the particular demolition from the wall provided room for the long counter top with a washer underneath. Apart from, the door has been re-installed: today it starts outwards, which usually allowed intended for utilization of helpful space which was previously busy by the starting door.


Rearrangement № 3

One of many features of WC-and-bathroom combos may be the aesthetics. The water wardrobe located correct opposite the doorway is not the very best idea – it should be much better arranged well hidden. By demolishing the wall structure between the bathroom and the bathing room, the designers managed to slot in a washer and substitute a short 150-cm-long bathtub using a 170-cm-long a single, which is a far more convenient option for children with young kids.


Rearrangement № 4

Depending on the household composition and private preferences, restroom equipment could be interchangeable. For example, for younger spouses the full-fledged bath can take priority over a bath tub. In this quite case the option was fixed upon the shower. The water wardrobe was moved to another location, so that it had not been visible upon entering the space. An extra clean basin cupboard proves to become a very good selection for partners who prepare for work in the particular morning at the same time. Besides, there is enough room to place a washer under the counter top.


Rearrangement № 5

A few sq . meters could be reclaimed to get more rational only use by means of removing one doorway. Its location is now filled by a washer and a drop dryer. Much like in the previous instance, in this task a shower was changed with a bath cabin. And entering the area one views a clean basin, as the water wardrobe is concealed behind the partition.


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