Fioravanti Poolhouse By MDU Architects

MDU Architects have developed the Fioravanti Poolhouse in Prato, Italy.


From the architects

The location: a great deal with a fine see found in the Bisenzio river’s valley the landscape is a sequence of wooded locations, fields, olive-groves. The land is articuladed via terracings with stone walls. The task aims a silent insertion inside this landscape. The pool is placed on the larger level of the whole lot, an vital water surface extending towards the backyard and the landscape and contained by a half-submerged frame of cardoso marble. A path of the very same marble prospects to the pool-residence.

The creating exploits the present slope taking the kind of a stone terracing placed at the exact same degree of the pool. The north front, opposite to the pool, consists of a series of stone blocks, derived from the ancient terracings stone walls and forming a counterpoint to an adjacent small wooded area. An ethereal volume “leans” on the stone blocks: it is formed by a copper roof supported by a frame of slim iron pillars and it’s conceived as a modern interpretation of the barn typology. It includes an ample living location linked to the pool and the landscape through totally glazed walls with iron frames.

Architects: MDU Architects
Photography: Pietro Savorelli

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