Fabric Design of Indoor: Gorgeous Real-Life Example

When the area is effectively planned, all of the zones are usually functionally decided and conceptually linked, the particular finishing is completed, the decorating and light are organized and each product of decorating scheme found the place, arrives a delighted moment associated with housewarming – the moment whenever chaotic plus messy procedure for renovation is certainly fully finished and experts get a opportunity to live in their particular cozy plus beautiful home.

But all this triumph plus sense associated with harmony will be impossible with no such an essential interior element as house textile. This sets the suitable atmosphere, the actual interior homey and “alive”, and provides more shades to the common scheme. This is why it would be secure to say that will home fabric design is really a whole technology. To understand all of the subtleties from the process we will show you the real-life sort of textile inside decoration of the big 2-floor house.



Given that in summer season the house is certainly surrounded simply by greenery and many of the home windows in the living room allow for experiencing splendid sights in any period of the season, the clients’ special desire was in order to dress up the particular windows maintaining them because open as you possibly can. That is why pure curtains plus overdrapery within the lounge as well as the gallery from the second ground are covered with ornamental tiebacks.

1-1-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge-windowsill 1-2-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge-fireplace 1-3-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-sloped-ceiling-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor 1-4-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-green-brown-kitchen-dining-room-set-square-floor-tiles-backsplash 1-5-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge 1-6-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-chandelier-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge-fireplace

Clear lace material with nice floral coming up brings the particular sense associated with elegancy towards the interior. Whilst dense double-sided overdrapery crafted from velvet along with soft luxurious texture plus dressed up along with cord tieback and perimeter trim highlight the taking over color plan and include the notice of solemnity.

1-7-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-sloped-ceiling-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge-chandelier 1-8-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-sloped-ceiling-big-panoramic-windows-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-gallery-open-to-below-second-floor-floral-sofa-green-pink-brown-living-room-lounge-cord-tieback

Master bedroom

All of the bedrooms over the second ground are embellished with organic fabrics along with floral styles. The master suite is designed because, spring-time color scheme, and a lighting lace pure curtain along with delicate embelleshment corresponds towards the wishes associated with maximum visibility expressed from the masters. Overdrapery is made of thick fabric with the help of cotton plus draped simply by decorative tiebacks.

A 2-tone bed cover plus toss cushions ideally match up the color plus texture from the wallpaper. Extras on the bedspread and ruffled pillow shams add some love and sweet taste to the lighting and cozy bed room interior. Metallic curtain supports and holdbacks with lotion beige complete are intended to suit light steel elements within lamps plus furnishing.


Guest bed room

In the visitor bedroom shiny textile highlights stand in comparison with the wall space, flooring plus ceiling surface finishes. Here the particular fabric from the curtains plus bed cover furthermore features a flower pattern, coordinating the wallpapers ornaments. Apart from, both the bedspread and spread cushions are usually dressed up along with cord cut.

3-1-log-timber-wooden-house-bedroom-interior-design-brown-walls-sloped-ceiling-skylights-sheer-curtains-draped-bedspread-beige-blue-throw-pillows-bed-cover-bedspread-with-cord-trim 3-3-log-timber-wooden-house-bedroom-interior-design-brown-walls-sloped-ceiling-skylights-sheer-curtains-draped-bedspread-beige-blue-throw-pillows-bed-cover-bedspread-with-cord-trim-floral-wallpaper

Toddler area

In this home the young child room is extremely special – it’s lighting and happy and made for a little little princess. Dense drapes with the addition of organic linen are usually draped along with decorative wire tiebacks, as well as the embroidery associated with sheer drapes mirrors the particular wallpaper design. Just like within the master bedroom, beige metal drape rods plus holdbacks mix well along with white steel sconces plus light decorating.

4-1-log-timber-wooden-house-interior-design-walls-sloped-ceiling-skylight-overdrapery-drapery-sheer-curtains-pink-gray-beige-bed-cover-pleats-sofa-chest-of-drawers-throw-pillows-upholstered-bed-kids-toddler-room-bedroom 4-3-kids-toddler-girl's-bedroom-room-interior-design-gray-and-pink-sofa-throw-pillows-winnie-the-pooh-toys-velvet-floral-wallpaper-multicolor-rug

All the fabric elements – overdrapery, pure curtains, pleated bed cover, smooth throw cushions, sofa furniture, and upholstered headboard – create the particular atmosphere associated with coziness plus bring the finishing contact to a completely wooden space.



In the bathing room a small screen is decked out with crisscross sheer drapes with elaborate needlework offering decorative opaque rosebuds, reflecting the design of the ceramic tiles.


Entry area

In the access room option was arranged upon gentle lace pure curtains along with embroidered components.


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