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Ergonomic Studio Apartment Re-Created According To Feng Shui: Minimum Of Furnishings, No Closets, A Fitness Center And Propaganda Posters From China

81-kitchen set is custom-created

The Hosts:
Anton, a writer, a journalist
Hanna, a model

Quantity of rooms: 1
Metric location: 52 m²
Ceiling height: 3.2 m
Floor quantity: 4

A 2-space apartment in an old building was purchased by Anton Friedland 5 years ago. Encouraged by travels to China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the owner decided to re-make his interior style for the Asian one particular. The implementation of this concept was carried out beneath the guidance of his friend and architect Ilya Kabalov. Following contemplating several different ideas, they pitched upon neutral selection — comfy for living and with that preserving the aesthetics of pure Chinese style.

The second decision was to join 2 narrow rooms into a single space. With this view a single of the walls had to be torn down, but it was found to be load-bearing, and in the finish a piece of it remained. Since such alterations aroused a require for collecting approvals from many services, renovation procedure was very delayed.

The space is zoned according to the teachings of Feng Shui: central space, a bedroom and a health club. The entrance hall is separated from the space visually — by implies of wall colour and flooring.


The design and style is primarily based on 2 principles: naturalness and ergonomics. Thus, the lodging in fact doesn’t have any closets — they are replaced with recesses in the raised floor.


The work-bench was ordered from IKEA.


Posters decorating the walls had been scanned from Chinese Propaganda Posters book.

41-Posters decorating the walls

IKEA book stack was placed in the fitness center zone.

51-antique printing machine

An antique printing machine is a friend’s present. Regardless of its operable situation, it serves for merely decorative goal.

61-IKEA book stack

Shar-Pei named Karma.

71-Shar-Pei named Karma

The kitchen set is custom-developed.

81-kitchen set is custom-designed

An “In the Mood for Love” film poster was brought by Anton from Bangkok.

91-film poster

Animal-shaped seats have been bought in Kiev.

101-Animal-shaped seats

A composition in the kind of eyes arrived from Nepal.

111-composition in the form of eyes

A chest of drawers is a present.

121-chest of drawers is a present

Bamboo doors for the entrance hall closet have been identified in a creating supplies store in Kiev. Metal coating protects them from scratches.

131-Bamboo doors

The bathroom style was inspired by Asian hotels.


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