Duravit Launches the Toilet That will Analyzes Pee Tests alone!

This year the planet famous manufacturer of restroom solutions Duravit celebrates the 200 th wedding anniversary. And of course, their own stand had been one of the most went to during the worldwide bathroom exhibit ISH which is held 2 times a year within Frankfurt feel Main. Along with this event several companies release new series and do their finest to create state-of-the-art bathroom options. And Duravit was not very. Let’s notice what they have got in store for all of us this year!


Luv Selection

Duravit had been among the groundbreaking companies, which usually made an effort to have a completely new look at the picture of a bathroom and possess that this area deserves some design much like any other area in the house. It is often about quarter of a century since we all first noticed sanitary ware that could be called pieces of art plus design. And today the company continue this custom with their brand new line called the Luv. Its writer is a notable industrial developer of our period from Denmark – Cecilie Manz .


Cecilie’s idea had been pretty unique – the girl decided to reexamine the historic prototype of the washbasin to exercise a new part of contemporary style. Do you know what was? It had been a common container put on the particular table! As well as the new selection appeared to be since laconic plus amazing using its simplicity that idea. Apart from sanitary ware, Cecilie worked out a number of bathroom home furniture in style associated with Scandinavian minimalism , using pretty slender and sophisticates lines.

1-Duravit-new-bathroom-collection-2017-Germany-Cecilie-Manz-Luv-minimalistic-Scandinavian-style-slim-edges-rims-thin-top-mounted-wash-basin-faux-dark-wood-countetop-drawer-for-cosmetics-storage 3-Duravit-new-bathroom-collection-2017-Germany-Cecilie-Manz-Luv-minimalistic-Scandinavian-style-slim-edges-rims-thin-top-mounted-wash-basin-bath-bathtub

Vero Air Selection

Exactly the reverse to Luv looks another new product series named Vero Air. This is really a re-interpretation of Duravit’s former selection Vero that will first appeared in 2001 and it is still properly distinguished from your rest of this particular company’s items thanks to the recognizable rectangle-shaped forms . Technologies create and change quickly, and now it is possible in making wash basins, toilets, bidets and bath tubs even more geometrically precise, slender and with stylish narrow sides.


Based on Duravit’s newest innovative strategy, the Vero Air was created with “c-bonded” concept in your mind. This revolutionary method has been worked out from the Germans to help make the connection in between a washbasin and a pride unit nearly ideally specific, so that they produced an almost smooth whole. Being a single device, the changeover between the frosty ceramic surface area and comfy furniture coatings becomes each aesthetically ideal and pleasurable to touch.


Lavatories in the Vero Air selection are also rectangle-shaped and may present having perfect geometry. However in this extremely product line Duravit for the first time was able to introduce their very own registered revolutionary Rimless flushing technology right into a rectangular-shaped lavatory bowl. The particular combination of exact geometry, precise design plus advanced liquid mechanisms boosts the effectiveness of flushing and also retains the wheels easily accessible and therefore easy to clean and much more hygienic. Apart from, Vero Air flow toilets have got innovative antiseptic glaze which is baked straight into the ceramic surface throughout firing plus kills 99. 9% associated with bacteria plus germs. These fact is formally confirmed with the tests performed by the Company for Cleanliness and General public Health on the University associated with Bonn.


BioTracer: Sensible Toilet for the future

But the important breakthrough from the year is really a new bathroom dubbed BioTracer that evaluates urine checks on its own! The idea of the smart lavatory is the subsequent: if you want to create a urinalysis, you begin the BioTracer app on the smartphone or even tablet prior to using the bathroom. After that a few your pee (about some milliliters) can be injected in to a sealed dipstick test which is stored in the removable container under the WC bowl. Test strip is certainly then scanned a few forms via a good optical scanning device and the information is delivered to your gadget for the evaluation. The application values 10 urine ideals , such as the number of whitened cells, blood sugar level, proteins count, ph level and etc. Ultimately you get a comprehensive analysis of the urine using the indication associated with values that will deviate through the normal. To the wise app may also give you a part of advice on how you can correct your diet plan or instruction schedule, based on the results of the particular analysis. The information is carried via Wireless bluetooth and is password-protected, so you should never worry about any kind of leakage of the personal information.

Duravit präsentiert die Toilette der Zukunft

As for the following analysis, a person shouldn’t take good care about cleansing the system or even changing test strips: the particular BioTracer would it automatically plus autonomously right after each make use of. It uses unadulterated water in order to rinse the machine and revolves the dipstick tests within the cartridge by itself. So far, the particular BioTracer is simply an exhibit prototype, yet we anticipate that Duravit will start the full-on product out there in no time!

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