Do-Lo-Rez: Hand Tufted 3D Area rug from fully New Zealand Wool

Created by the famous developer Ron Arad, a Do-Lo-Rez Rug is certainly kind of the follow-up towards the same title sofa. Both these pieces are already inspired by same thing: after the author found a picture which was pixelated to some very low quality, which caused it to be seem 3-dimensional. This encounter planted the idea of a “3-dimensional” rug in the head.


And he created an idea associated with materialization of the concept. The particular rug consists of multiple pieces that are similarly sized twenty 3 cm by 23 centimeter. But every square includes a different heap height, through 8 in order to 30 millimeter, and you will find never 2 equal pieces next to one another. Secondly, the particular squares are usually multicolored. Plus thirdly, all are arranged within an extraordinary file format, which makes the particular rug appear to be an incomplete puzzle, causing the room designed for imagination. This particular game of colours, volumes plus levels causes this rug really original plus 100% personalized. By the way, the Do-Lo-Rez carpet is not motivated by a girl’s name when you might believe. In fact this stands for “Do Low Resolution”.


Yet besides getting an interesting tale of development behind, the particular Do-Lo-Rez carpet can include having a minimum of 2 a lot more interesting information: the materials it is crafted from and the creation technique.

The thing is that the Do-Lo-Rez rug is made of 100% Brand new Zealand made of woll . As well as the wool out of this very nation is rightfully considered to be among the best in the world. The amount of sheep within New Zealand amounts in order to about fifty million minds, which makes it the 3rd world’s top manufacturer associated with wool. Right here lush eco-friendly meadows take up half of the whole island place, and organic conditions plus mild environment make it possible to boost sheep along with fine, heavy and lengthy wool associated with top quality. Great threads unique from it bring making incredibly soft, environmentally friendly and sensitive products. In European product exchanges Brand new Zealand made of woll is cited as “EXTRA” class.

3 (2)-Do-Lo-Rez-rug-designed-by-Ron-Arad-Nanimarquina-100%-New-Zealand-wool-hand-tufted-handmade-crafted-3D-squares-multicolored-gray-blue-brown-in-living-room-interior-design 3-Do-Lo-Rez-rug-designed-by-Ron-Arad-Nanimarquina-100%-New-Zealand-wool-hand-tufted-handmade-crafted-3D-squares-multicolored-gray-blue-brown-in-office-interior-design

In order to crown everything, in the Do-Lo-Rez rug this type of nice materials is along with exclusive hands tufting method. The word tufting is derived from a good English phrase “tuft”, which usually stands for a variety of hairs expanding closely to one another or mounted on the same bottom. In fact this particular definition describes the fact of tufting weaving perfectly: with the help of the thread wool tufts are usually inserted in to a primary bottom – a tough canvas or perhaps a dense system. From the inside they normally are secured which includes glue substance. After weaving cloth the tufts are possibly left loopy or chop up.


These days tufting is among the most widely-spread types of fabric weaving within rug plus carpeting business, which utilizes special tools invented within the 20 th hundred years. However , the initial hand tufting technique requires roots within ancient times and it has still made it in some places from the world. It really is with this method that the Do-Lo-Rez rugs are created. Just imagine that will 1 sq m. of the rug consists of 56, 1000 knots! More in depth description from the production procedure is available in this particular short movie:

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