DO-IT-YOURSELF: Trendy Area rug with Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag is among the trendiest and many popular designs in the world of modern design. Getting simple and laconic on the one hand, the jagged collection has some effective energy plus dynamics too. Zigzag images not just beautify interiors – they are able to modify their feeling completely: get them to livelier, a lot more expressive plus sensible.


For those of you whom also discuss our desire for zigzags all of us prepared a unique workshop which will explain step by step how to exchange this well-known pattern to some common grayscale rug. Subsequent these directions, you will be a happy proprietor of such a fashionable piece of indoor decor.

Therefore , you will need these materials plus tools:

  • a whitened cotton area rug
  • a zigzag template (you actually will find this below)
  • some thick document for making the stencil
  • the pencil
  • the painter’s mp3
  • fabric color (blue within our case)
  • the paintbrush

The most popular are usually bi-color zigzag patterns: monochrome, yellow plus white, glowing blue and whitened. Such different color combos make it simpler to perceive this particular print aesthetically, make it a lot more readable.

Within our case the particular width from the rug is usually 80 centimeter, and here is really a template most abundant in optimal measurements of the design for it:


Print the particular template, describe it on the piece of dense paper plus cut out. This is your stencil. Press this to the area rug and format with a pad. Then fall it straight down so that the the top of stencil has been right alongside the bottom line from the already-made zigzag. Outline the underside part of the design template. Repeat actions until the whole rug is completed with zigzags.


Stay the painter’s tape towards the external edge of every some other zigzag to utilize the color accurately. At this point paint almost every other zigzag (framed with a painter’s tape) with the aid of a paintbrush. Upon the particular completion properly remove the recording.


That is it! You now should just wait around till the particular paint dries off totally and your brand new trendy area rug will be ready to renew your home!


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