DO-IT-YOURSELF: Original Hand crafted Furniture Holders from Desk Spoons

Finding brand new ways of re-using old things is extremely enjoyable. And it is especially fascinating when it comes to house décor. Why don’;t you enjoy start from little, yet lovely interior information – furnishings handles, one example is? Your cooking area cabinets could be upgraded for an absolutely brand new level of appearance thanks to our own today’s DO-IT-YOURSELF idea!


You will need the next things:

  • old metallic spoons
  • the rubber sludge hammer
  • a drill down
  • screws
  • the burin (optional)
  • some tolerance

Probably, you will really feel bad for your own silver spoons, but do not. Just attempt to recollect exactly how often you utilize them? Silver precious metal spoons are usually pretty not practical actually: these people hit upward in a 2nd and using all of them for consuming hot soups or mixing sugar within a tea or even coffee mug is very undesirable. Of course , silver precious metal is a commendable precious metal, yet nowadays the price can be quite low, therefore the cost of the handmade silver precious metal furniture manage will be nearly equal to the cost you’ll have to purchase a beautiful button in a shop.

So , should you be ready to recycle your gold spoons consider as many of these as you requirement for new holders. Spoons could be identical or even mismatched – diversity associated with forms plus patterns may just increase the originality of the fixtures.


At first you need to make the plate of the tea spoon flat. Gold is an incredibly flexible materials, so you will need a few blows using a hammer. To prevent any scrapes or problems, you’d much better use a rubberized tool.


Now you have to shape the particular spoon being a door manage – only the power of the hands is going to be enough in order to bend this as you require.


The next phase is engraving. Actually it is optionally available and can end up being skipped, yet small characters on your manages will bring attraction and genuineness. To make the inscriptions you’ll require a burin or even a common drill down – in short, any sharpened metal device. And do not mind calligraphy – the aim will be originality

The moment you’re completed with the previous simple steps, it’s time for you to fix your handles towards the cabinet doorways with the help of the drill plus screws. It is recommendable in order to drill 2 holes within the spoons prior to attaching these to the furnishings.


That is it! Because of one innovative idea applied by your initiatives your cooking area set appears refreshed plus super fashionable!


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