DO-IT-YOURSELF: Handmade Container Shelves

Have you ever considered repurposing your own common container buckets in this way? Then learn how to transform these products into a good aesthetical plus functional bit of wall favorite from our publish!


This kind of handmade racks would give a person additional storage space spots intended for scarves, mitts, hats as well as other accessories. Naturally , the type of this product wouldn’t squeeze into any inner surface. But if you are a fortunate owner of the Provence-inspired house, a cheap chic room or a rustic-style country home – it is just what you will need. Or maybe you are just open up for tests and do not mind eclectics…

What you need will be:

  • zinc-coated buckets various sizes (in this task we have 5 pieces)
  • fat spray color of flexible colors
  • twenty screws (in this task these are 4 60-mm anchoring screws for each ) and complementing dowels
  • the drill using a masonry plus metal exercise bits
  • ar2rk edging video tape
  • a triangular ruler
  • the pencil


With the help of the ruler as well as a painting trimming tape indicate 4 going points around the bucket. Attempt to arrange all of them symmetrically, yet don’t trouble about inaccuracies – these are quite suitable.


Exercise the openings using a metallic drill little bit.


Color the container with a dispenser (or an even more professional appliance).


Once the paint dries out, low fat the container against the walls and create pencil signifies on the wall space respective towards the holes produced in the container bottom. Place the bucket apart and drill down the openings in the wall structure. Then put the dowels into all of them.


You now only have to connect the container to the wall structure with the help of anchoring screws.


Replicate the same tips with the remaining buckets to produce your own wall structure composition. And luxuriate in it!


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