DO-IT-YOURSELF: Hand-Made “Cloud” Clothes Hanger

This enchanting cloud-shaped clothing hanger is not really easy to find in accordance stores. The thing is it’s the designer item, created by Green tea Pea Business from Brand new Zealand. This particular lovely design blends simple functionality with the aesthetic factor, which is not too typical just for such add-ons in general. Unique approach to type of regular home stuff can change an ordinary feature of our everyday life into some décor.


And if a person already dropped in love with could be fruit associated with designer creativity, why not attempt to make it with your personal hands?


Here is the listing of things you will require:

  • a wire hanger
  • a sludge hammer
  • nails
  • pliers
  • a small wood board

Step 1. Pull a form of a impair on a wood plank.

Step 2. Hammer several nails across the perimeter from the drawing.

3. Use pliers to uncover the basic cable hanger.

Step 4. Pull the particular wire across the cloud put together.

Step 5: Create a shut shape once again, turning the final of the cable around the base of the connect.


In this way you can make twelve of hangers within just 1 hour.


Yet another final suggestion: considering the supple character of cable, it’s not suggested to arrange large clothes upon such a hanger. But it would certainly perfectly in to a toddler’; h closet.

4-diy-hand-made-cloud-clothes-hanger-tea-pea-new-zealand 5-diy-hand-made-cloud-clothes-hanger-tea-pea-new-zealand

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