DO-IT-YOURSELF: Decorative Hexagonal Shelving Device

Spring will be approaching plus we’d like to add a sprinkle of shiny colors to the interiors. These days we’d love to tell you steps to make an original, eye-catchy and stylish wall structure in the form of honeycombs.


Hexagons, or even more precisely hexagon compositions reminding of honeycombs, are one of the best trends of recent interior design. Popular hexagonal styles are now then found in brand new collections associated with home favorite and fabric, designer wallpapers prints plus furniture furniture. Light fittings, tiles , furniture plus architectural components – remnants of this wonderful shape could be observed almost everywhere.

We claim that you sign up for this hexagonal designer enthusiasm and give a bright honeycomb shelving device to your internal.

The list associated with materials can be quite short:

  • 12 hexagonal gift containers of different vivid colors (they can be found in nearly every gift shop);
  • double-sided wall-mounting adhesive tape;
  • twelve hexagonal shown tiles (in our situation it’s some HÖNEFOSS decorative mirrors by IKEA including 10 mirrored ceramic tiles and double-sided tape).

For a start take away the lids from your gift containers and keep all of them for your following handmade time.


After that create a preferred composition through boxes attempting different designs and colour combinations. When you made up the mind, take a image to use afterwards for research.


After that attach every box towards the centre of the mirrored hexagon using double-sided adhesive tape.


Now it is high time to obtain down to the particular installation: begin with the center of the particular composition plus gradually transfer. Use wall-mounting stickers that include the IKEA set. And when you need to renew your memory space, check the picture you required at the beginning.


Well done! You now got the trendy hand crafted wall favorite piece, that is pretty useful at the same time. You are able to safely utilize it as a shelves unit, make absolutely certain that the products you screen are not overw7


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