Distinctive Bathroom Style Collection simply by Giorgio Armani: Baa meant for Roca

A few years Giorgio Armani Team was looking for somebody in the bathing room interior field. The main precondition for possible cooperation was obviously a brand’s devotion to the lifestyle of Armani brand as well as ability to produce not just person bathroom parts, but the whole global bathing room concepts. As a result a Roca/Armani union came to be. This synergy of 2 leaders – Armani Team in the world of haute couture plus Roca in the wonderful world of complex bathing room interior options – come into the introduction of a brand new style, targeted at cultivating a picture of a restroom as a high-class room from the apartment.


This 30 days at ANT trade reasonable in Frankfurt am Mein the companies released their brand new exclusive series named “Baa”. The new selection is the agreement of the sweetest features of each brands: dedication to supreme comfort plus wellbeing, processing and revolutionary technologies. Baa’s design is really a means to stress that a bathing room should be useful, luxurious, fashionable and ergonomical. Like a part of haute fashion, the selection is seen as a refined surface finishes, careful choice of materials plus detailed thing to consider of each details.


The particular creators received inspiration through retro motifs; hence, every single bathtub plus washbasin functions the shades of dull gold plus dark alloys. The home furniture is made of lacquered ivory wooden or tough oak, as well as the entire area looks therefore integral how the first term conjuring within one’s brain is “harmony”. The selection is available in a number of colors, which includes Giorgio Armani’s favorite – “greige” (grayish beige), in addition to black and white along with shagreen consistency.

2-1-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-wash-basins-soap-dispenser-greige-shagreen-texture-matte-gold-mixer-taps-mirrors-elegant-classical-smooth-shapes 2-3-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-matte-gold-retro-style-elegant-water-mixer-tap-bath-handles 2-2-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-matte-gold-washbasin-mixer-retro-style-acrylic-bath-bathtub-handles

The particular collection includes a new type of toilet containers and bidets, shower basics, towel bed rails and gorgeous metal holders in 3 possible complete versions. The entire concept had been worked out simply by engineers plus designers associated with Roca Firm and Giorgio Armani themselves. With Baa collection the whole bathroom indoor can be created in a single colour scheme, through ceiling in order to floor.

3-1-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-all-total-gray-interior-suspended-double-wash-basin-cabinet-lamps-mirrors-tropical-shower-silver-towel-rail 3-2-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-total-gray-interior-suspended-wash-basin-cabinet-lamp-mirror-tropical-shower-silver-towel-rail

Roca brand offers always dedicated particular focus on the facets of eco-friendliness plus sustainable growth. At most from the factories an application of absolutely no waste is definitely instituted. In addition , Roca constantly integrates environmentally friendly solutions in to its new products. This is also true for your new Armani / Roca collection; mixing machine taps within it are equipped with a good technology that will saves electrical power and drinking water.


Within the Baa selection exclusive style is along with maximum ease and comfort. For example , the particular structure from the toilet by having an incorporated messfühler provides for dual flushing, which usually ensures best hygiene. A good aesthetic bidet model because of its part includes a mixer faucet, which is not really visible once the cover will be closed.


In the health and wellness zone systems are designed with optimum relaxation in your mind. A dull acrylic bath tub, for example , may optionally begin water aircraft with the a result of champagne pockets. And they will be absolutely similar by dimension and consistency to the types you can find inside a genuine gleaming wine.


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