Cut Three-Room Coastline Apartment Reminding of Marshmallow

Seascape, your bathroom mirror presented with forest branches, the purple couch and a good airy kid’s bedroom within hues associated with marshmallow… This particular apartment is definitely filled with lighting, air plus room regarding dreaming plus seems to be an ideal choice regarding living with the sea.


This gentle apartment within Sochi is usually 3-room, having an open-concept cooking area and family room. Given that the particular layout was satisfying, there was clearly no need designed for structural modifications. The only thing the particular designer did was in order to decorate the area according to the clients’ wishes.

The particular owners developed their wishes as follows: “a cozy plus non-standard internal adapted for that needs of the young loved ones with a kid”. Also amongst their desires was the concept of character in the bathroom . Ultimately the floor and another of the wall space were completed with Italian language faux wooden tiles, which usually set the particular mood for the whole interior of the place. Another 3 wall space were rejuvenated with ceramic tiles in the combination of naturalistic colors: pistachio eco-friendly, beige plus pale dark brown. And a completing touch associated with “nature” is really a wreath made up of tree divisions that will beautify the circular mirror. Hygienic porcelain is going to be quiet laconic, made by Rocca brand.

2-3-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-design-neutral-colors-faux-wood-ceramic-granite-floor-tiles-round-Rocca-wash-basin-naturalistic-mirror-decor-tree-branch-multicolor-stripy-walls-white-beige-pistachio-green 2-1-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-design-neutral-colors-faux-wood-ceramic-granite-floor-tiles-round-Rocca-wash-basin-naturalistic-mirror-decor-tree-branch-multicolor-stripy-walls-white-beige-pistachio-green 2-2-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-design-neutral-colors-faux-wood-ceramic-granite-floor-tiles-round-Rocca-wash-basin-naturalistic-mirror-decor-tree-branch-multicolor-stripy-walls-white-beige-pistachio-green

From the beginning this task was prepared in fairly neutral color structure with a couple of color highlights. Among completing materials the option was fixed upon The english language paints simply by Little Eco-friendly. According to the developer, they have great velvety consistency and very commendable and flexible color variety. For the floors picked had been light parquetry boards simply by Coswick along with beautiful wooden grain.

The laconic kitchen set is going to be custom-made with a Russian home furniture mill. Generally speaking, the open-concept family room plus kitchen are very laconic plus accented by simply 2 elements – an attractive comfy couch by Sondi that provides a dash of colour to the white-walled space plus geometrical design linking the various zones from the room: wallpapers and a load-bearing column within the lounge area, upper cupboards above the particular sink with the food prep area plus a tablecloth within the dining area.

3-3-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-room-dining-table-kitchen-set-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-purple-sofa-lounge-ottoman-geometrical-pattern-on-load-bearing-column 3-1-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-room-dining-table-kitchen-set-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-purple-sofa-lounge-ottoman-geometrical-pattern-on-upper-cabinets-chairs-slope 3-2-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-room-dining-table-kitchen-set-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-purple-sofa-lounge-geometrical-pattern-upper-cabinets-TV-set-wallpaper-sloped

Within the learn bedroom the background can also be monochrome, yet here the particular role associated with accents is definitely played simply by black information – these people bring the component of graphics plus expression towards the total-white history: a couple of necklace lamps, the dark closet, a created headboard put together and a darkish framework of the chair from the dressing desk. The bed is created by Bolzan Letti plus cabinet furnishings – simply by Mr. Doorways.

4-1-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-dark-black-brown-wardrobe-pendant-bedside-lamps-tables-chair-headboard-graphic-carved-sea-view 4-2-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-beige-curtains-dressing-table-wall-recess-chair

The kid’s bed room may be the airiest plus thanks to red and soft purple shades, star wallpapers and purple velvet arm-chairs is similar to a piece of marshmallow. So far a child is little, so there are no research zone right here: just a little princess’s living room that performs the part of a online game zone simultaneously, a resting place as well as a storage place opposite made up of a couple of wardrobes and a dresser.

5-1-contemporary-style-kid's-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-star-wallpaper-purple-pink-velvet-accents-arm-chairs-drapery-pendant-lamp-carpet-teddy-bear 5-2-contemporary-style-kid's-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-star-wallpaper-purple-pink-velvet-accents-pendant-lamp-carpet-floor-lamp-wall-recess-shelves 5-3-contemporary-style-kid's-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-in-neutral-colors-white-walls-gray-parquet-floor-star-wallpaper-purple-pink-velvet-accents-wardrobes-chest-of-drawers-TV-set

An inside design task worked out with a professional is definitely recognizable by presence associated with linking components that bring together all the areas despite their own stylistic plus color variations. In this case this particular role will be played simply by geometrical components – they are represented within the living room wallpapers, kitchen cupboards, tablecloth plus load-bearing line, in the learn bed’s headboard, star wallpapers in the kid’s room along with a mirror decorating scheme in the bathing room. Bringing the area together, these types of small information make the area integral plus finished.

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