Cut and Plain and simple One-Room Residence with Eco-Style Motifs

In this small flat the particular designer group had to imagine all probable and extremely hard details. The particular clients are usually young partners, who desired their house to be plain and simple, light plus airy. Apart from, the list of the wishes incorporated an remote sleeping location (not the folding sofa), a full-on work area, as numerous storage areas and specific zones as possible plus any surface finishes for the restroom walls aside from ceramic ceramic tiles. All the initiatives of the group resulted right into a trendy contemporary space using a well-thought-out kitchen area, lounge, bed room, study along with a balcony; and everything this inside the total part of just forty sq . meters.


The particular hosts’ desire to make the majority of use of every square centimeter required a number of layout modifications . Especially, the hallway was simplified in favor of the restroom, and the bathing room entrance had been shifted towards the hallway. This type of decision permitted for getting a small tool room having a separate entry, where the hosting companies put their own washing machine and maintain domestic chemical substances and home appliances.

1-1-gray-and-white-contemporary-style-corridor-hallway-interior-design-plantation-shutters-door-wall-lights-lamp-sconce-white-aged-floor-big-full-length-mirror 1-gray-and-white-contemporary-style-corridor-hallway-interior-design-bi-color-invisible-door-wall-lights-lamp-sconce-white-aged-floor

After this the particular bathroom obtained a more rectangle-shaped form plus was able to home a full-on walk-in bath, a big backlit mirror and also a wash pot with a spacious vanity device. The unseen painted domestic plumbing access board was hidden by a number of open shelves, 2 which are detachable. With the no-wall-tiles desire from the spouses in your mind, the creative designers finished the particular walls along with micro cement.


The particular kitchen had been furnished with a large part set. To flee any spaces that would divided the limited area plus make it show up even tinier, an atmosphere channel has been built-on plus a refrigerator along with top-mounted cupboards was organized by the side. By doing this the kitchen fixed preserved the holistic appearance, and the creative designers got enough space for creating the dining region. And the atmosphere channel had been coated along with magnetic chalkboard paint providing a nice location for surprising, passionate and helpful notes.

3-1-small-kitchen-interior-design-disguised-air-channel-white-set-cabinets-wooden-worktop-countertop-dining-table-chairs-suspended-lamps-wooden-floor-refrigerator-chalkboard-magnetic-wall-paint-Venetian-blinds-gray 3-2-small-kitchen-interior-design-disguised-air-channel-white-set-cabinets-wooden-worktop-countertop-dining-table-chairs-suspended-lamps-wooden-floor-refrigerator-chalkboard-magnetic-wall-paint-Venetian-blinds

Generally you may note that the secret of the tiny residence is in the particular proportionality, meaning and sincerity of its components. The writers deliberately utilized a single colour scheme out of all spaces, since few varieties of finishing components as possible plus exclusively floor-to-ceiling built-in home furniture in solitary style.

The particular living room had been divided in to 2 practical areas by way of genuine timbers, which each saved cash and components spent on producing the partition and allow sunlight permeate into the windowless part of the space. When within the lounge, a person won’t notice people within the bedroom , but the sunlight so marvelously comes with the slots how the room will get a truly amazing atmosphere.


Opposite the particular sleeping area the particular hosts obtained a sound function zone .


The particular lounge region is quite plain and simple, composed of simply a sofa as well as a coffee desk for comfortable family nights and viewing movies on the projector screen.

6-white-and-gray-walls-windowless-lounge-living-room-interior-design-couch-sofa-blue-blanket-floor-lamp-contemporary-style-track-lights-wooden-coffee-table-rug-white-floor 7-white-and-gray-walls-windowless-lounge-living-room-interior-design-couch-sofa-blue-blanket-floor-lamp-contemporary-style-spot-lights-wooden-coffee-table-rug-white-floor-projector-screen-timber-log-wall-partition

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