Cultural Apartment Influenced by Colonial & Main Asian Motifs

This 4-room apartment using a total section of 93. 5 sq . meters. is achieved with information that turn out to be apparent before long: at first glance you simply see a gorgeous classically-furnished even designed within deep, over loaded colors. And then your eyes catches the particular sight of various details which make this indoor very particular. The point is the particular hostess hails from Eastern European countries, but the girl heart is one of the history of the girl native property in Main Asia – Uzbekistan – and natural splendor of the girl favorite vacation destination – Portugal. For this reason naturalistic powder hues had been used because the basis for that interior and several sense associated with deepness has been added simply by contrasting darkish furniture plus oriental flower patterns within home fabric.


Master suite

The toned includes 3 bedrooms, in support of one of them stands apart of the common background – the learn one. The dominating colour is over loaded emerald eco-friendly. Such a deeply color performs 2 essential roles – it hide the complex architecture from the room plus makes the roof appear aesthetically higher. Furthermore, this is the mistress’s favorite colour along with blue, which is the second taking over color within the bedroom indoor. And to provide all the areas in the residence together, the inside designer decided 3 simple hues: brown beige, greenish blue plus reddish crimson.

1-1-neo-classical-style-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bright-turquoise-wallpaper-beige-bed-dressing-table-nightstand-open-balcony-drapery 1-2-neo-classical-style-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bright-turquoise-wallpaper-beige-bed-dressing-table-nightstand-bedside-mirror-pendant-lamps


Darkish color plan helped in order to tighten the overall style plus mood within the entire area. And in doing this an ideal stability of gentle, dark plus supplementary colors was attained. For instance, with the food prep used has been cold graphite gray colour diluted along with warm yellowish patina. Exactly the same yellow color is found in kitchen cabinets finishes in the center of the room, within marble blood vessels of the counter top and backsplash, in cupboard handles, drapes and items of décor – everything is usually intertwined plus complementary. An attractive detail of the room is really a custom-made lamp-shade of the light lighting the particular dining area – this resembles a conventional national Uzbek cap – a tubeteika.

2-1-neo-classical-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-blue-cabinets-red-chairs-yellow-brass-accents-wooden-cooker-hood-marble-countertop-backsplash 2-2-neo-classical-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-blue-cabinets-red-chairs-yellow-brass-accents-wooden-cooker-hood-marble-countertop-backsplash-open-bar

Living room

Taking into consideration the open-concept strategy of the family room, it was created in the exact same color structure as the kitchen area. But right here you will find a lot more warm colors of organic wood that will add the particular sense associated with hominess into it. And one from the key tasks was given towards the game various patterns plus textures inside a common colour range.

3-1-neo-classical-style-living-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-wall-to-wall-bookcase-wooden-carved-coffee-table-floor-lamp-arm-chairs-sofa-white-walls 3-2-neo-classical-style-living-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bookcase-wooden-carved-coffee-table-floor-lamp-arm-chairs-sofa-rug

Kid’s bedroom

The bed room of the older son was created in unostentatious nautical design. Blue is really a win-win suit for beige shades. A few contrast is usually brought by little dark information, such as a set of stairs, furniture fixtures and lights. Diverse designs refresh the overall monochrome color scheme, and straight wallpaper lines visually raise the roof. An original fine detail of this room’s interior is really a magnetic wall structure mural using the world chart opposite the particular loft mattress.

4-1-neo-classical-nautical-style-toddler-kid's-boy's-room-bedroom-interior-stripy-wallpaper-loft-bed-work-area-desk-underneath-storage-light-wood-dark-fittings-ladder-blue-rug-beige 4-2-neo-classical-style-kid's-toddler-boy's-room-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-nautical-magnetic-world-map-wall-mural-shelves-decor-globe-rocking-horse

Baby’s area

The baby’s room gets into line using the other areas penetrated using the atmosphere associated with Uzbekistan. The centerpiece is really a wash-drawing along with ombre impact on one of the wall space. Thanks to stunning shades associated with mint eco-friendly and turquoise, it creates a unique sense associated with airiness within the room plus makes it show up bigger. The particular sleeping area is definitely dressed up having a gorgeous ceiling-mounted lilac cover. And a completing ethnic contact is through beautiful bedsheets with Hard anodized cookware motifs within bluish green.


Songs corner

Another zone was handed to a songs corner: it is composed of the piano and also a sweet variety of retro loved ones photos plus souvenirs.


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