Cozy home in France for Christmas


In the new year the situation changed dramatically and I want to beautify the house, make it bright and festive. This beautiful interior belongs to the owner of a mansion in France. In the house there are beautiful mirrors and windows in the spirit of Eastern Europe.
The house is very spacious, light and comfortable, it has to have a meeting of friends and fun pastime. In this interior will be nice to spend New Year with family and friends. In a beautiful house reigns a magical ambiance that creates an exceptional atmosphere.


The living room is adorned with wicker chairs, fluffy light skins, door hanging on a Christmas wreath, the whole decor made in the color of dark fuchsia, a variety of beautiful colors metallic balloons, and even a tablecloth in the color fuchsia.


Also, the house hung a beautiful Christmas tree branch with candlesticks with light pink ribbons.


The sitting room is big and fluffy Christmas tree, which is the main decoration of the house, under the Christmas tree has beautiful gifts that are packed in a nice wrapper, all around the house placed candlesticks.


Hanging on a Christmas tree beautiful and bright star with gold glitter, and looks very nice.


Ornament is a beautiful mountain ash berries are braided in a wreath, and beautiful glass figurines that adorn the house.


Sign on the door adorned with 2 bay windows on the sides, pink, stairs decorated with beautiful small candles that are comfortably illuminated every corner of the stairs.

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