“Copenhagen”: Scandinavian Home Built In a matter of 118 Times

The builder who developed this home was tasked with making a contemporary-style constructing that would harmonically communicate with quite a narrow, elongated plot of land along with tremendous altitudinal variation. Outside of that it was said to be functional, high efficiency, and eco-friendly. To overhead it all this had to be built extremely fast, in a reasonable price and with body architecture. Plus 118 times later the land story in the and surrounding suburbs of Minsk, Belarus, currently featured an innovative object called “Copenhagen”.


The task received this type of name simply by associations – minimalist-shaped, by having an as-flat-as-possible roofing, an interesting system ensemble associated with terraces, overhangs and lean-tos, it has included many Scandinavian-style features. Apart from, it overlooks a big woodland, which suits and accentuates the Scandinavian motifs.

The particular external complete of the house any more method to emphasize the particular style of the particular project: the standing-seam steel roof along with minimal desire gradually changes into one from the walls, the face area of the constructing is finished along with light considerable wall sections, and the floors and roof of the patio are made of larch wood.


The client was adamant on becoming a member of all the practical zones – a home area, the garage and everything service places – below one roofing. Such an system trick obviated the need for extra constructions inside the outdoor area and reduce the distance journeyed daily from the inhabitants of the home. In terms of design the most reasonable decision had been to go for an enfilade type, using rooms organized consecutively, a single after an additional.


It is worth talking about that the structures of the house had been to a great extent pre-determined by the form, dimensions plus location from the land story. Being filter, elongated, along with a difficult surfaces, it intended the proportions of the house needs to be in line with the geometry. This took 4 hundred fully-loaded vehicles with dirt to correct the particular terrain, however the architect as well as the clients think it was really worth this. Today the outside territory appears like a extension of the family room flooring whenever you’re indoors.


The home was put into the instant vicinity from the land storyline border, to ensure that panoramic home windows overlooked since open area as possible plus gave the particular inhabitants a marvelous forest look at. By the way, the particular overhang is made so that it provided enough darkness in summer season, when the sunlight is high in the particular sky, yet plenty of sunshine during the frosty season.

5-1-Nota-Bene-Minsk-minimalist-modern-archietcture-one-floor-frame-house-narrow-elongated-flat-roof-laconic-Scandinavian-style-larch-wood-and-concrete-terrace-panoramic-windows-thujas 5-2-Nota-Bene-Minsk-minimalist-modern-archietcture-one-floor-frame-house-narrow-elongated-flat-roof-laconic-Scandinavian-style-larch-wood-and-concrete-terrace-panoramic-windows-thujas 5-3-Nota-Bene-Minsk-minimalist-modern-archietcture-one-floor-frame-house-narrow-elongated-flat-roof-laconic-Scandinavian-style-larch-wood-and-concrete-terrace-panoramic-windows-thujas

As for the scenery design, it could be characterized since pretty laconic – the majority of the territory is certainly occupied with a lawn. Backyard paths plus load-bearing wall space are made from refined concrete plus gravel filling up. And to get away a melancholic northern feeling, the scenery designers additional a group of little green thujas.

Along the edge the area is fenced with cable netting, which provides a good presence from the beautiful windows. And also to add some ornamental feature towards the fence, it had been based on gabion posts full of crushed rock.


Along with energy-saving stage in mind, the home was designed with a sufficient coating of wall structure and roof insulation plus energy-efficient home windows. Besides, you will find just various radiators inside your home – the majority of the rooms possess underfloor heating system.

To cut the particular assemblage time period, most of the wood elements of the home were manufactured in a course and had to become just constructed on-site. Ultimately the task was finished within just 118 days. Within this 76-second-long video clip you can take pleasure in the house creating process stories:

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