Contemporary-Style Apartment Made with Much Enjoy for Wooden

It turns out that will plenty of wooden and a tranquil color palette could work miracles that contemporary-style decorations that would never ever look boring. This 3-room apartment is an excellent proof for this fact. Let us have a look!


A typical customer of the developers of this task is a individual with higher demands in order to comfort plus willingness to invest money to get it. For this reason when it found choosing the particular style of the long run interior, choice was given towards the contemporary a single; it’s the very best embodiment associated with luxury plus comfort simultaneously.

Entry/ Hall

One of the important elements of contemporary design is organic wood; this particular accounts for a lot solid wood found in this task and so several finishing components of naturalistic wood colors. Thus, the bookcase within the hallway (the continuation which you will see with the food prep as well) is made from fake wenge wooden tiles. To prevent a darkish and boring look of the space, it had been complemented along with 2 decorative mirrors in enormous metal structures. They reflect light and thus dual its quantity within this type of tiny region, and also associated with atmosphere from the entry a lot more elegant.


Living Room or Kitchen

The particular living room plus kitchen had been made open-concept on the complete area of twenty-8 square metres. Just like within the entrance hall, the setting of this area is very gentle, and the flooring is made from do it yourself parquetry within versatile tones of grey. This floors material has been, by the way, utilized in all of the areas with the exception of your bathroom.


The main element task from the designers within this space had been to combine wenge and pine colors so the “wood effect” was maintained, but the area didn’t appearance too grayscale. To separate your kitchen and living room areas aesthetically, arranged was obviously a massive dark TV remain, which furthermore became the primary accent plus centerpiece from the interior

2-3-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-gray-modular-parquet-walnut-furniture-wenge-tiles-black-partition-faux-wood-cabinets-floor-tiles-backsplash-pust-to-open 2-2-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-dining-kitchen-gray-modular-parquet-walnut-furniture-wenge-tiles-black-TV-stand-partition-faux-wood-kitchen-cabinets-dining-set-sofa-padded


With reference to the bed room design the particular masters experienced just 3 requirements: convenience, no unnoticed details plus well-thought-out illumination system. Typically the focal point of the area is a huge bed. Apart from it the particular furnishing consists of a outfitting table from the window, sophisticated nightstands, wall-mounted racks plus a chest of drawers. Therefore , the space is definitely non-cluttered, fairly airy plus inviting to get rest. When it comes to lighting, it is based on modest sources, like sconces, bedroom and table lamps. Yet despite this truth, there is sufficient light with this room.

3-1-contemporary-style-interior-design-bedroom-gray-walls-modular-parquet-bed-chest-of-drawers-wall-mounted-open-racks-dressing-table-padded-stool-bicolor-curtains-white-blak-accents-dark-wood 3-2-contemporary-style-interior-design-bedroom-gray-walls-bed-bedside-lamps-nighstands-brown-cover-bedspread-bicolor-curtains-wall-lamps-black-and-white-blanket


Contemporary design is the most reasonable choice to get studies generally, and in this particular project the particular authors was able to create the particular atmosphere which is both homey and business-like. The most eye-catchy detail from the work area is a huge wall-to-wall bookstand associated with walnut colour. It’s accompanied with a small, yet really convenient table, a natural leather chair along with a big wall structure map. In short, to our thoughts the disposition of this area is very welcoming for creativeness.


Bathing rooms

Both bathing rooms are completed with considerable grayish dark brown tiles. The particular master bathing room houses 2 wash basins, a bath cabin, the mirrored cupboard for makeup and ornamental racks. The particular guest a single features a bath cabin, the toilet, the double clean basin along with a washing machine. Simultaneously ergonomics of every of the areas is respectable to the closest millimeter.


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