Compose Beer Club Interior Design Task Receives a worldwide Award

The reputable international A’ Design Honor & Competition is held every single spring plus represents an essential world’s competition in the world of internal and commercial design, artistry and structures. Its absolute goal is to show and assistance the most exceptional and well-thought-out projects plus concepts from the globe, and also to bring together the very best ideas, options and viewpoint creators’ brands. The awards are granted in lots of categories, which range from industrial style to artistry and books projects; plus nominees are usually evaluated simply by experts through all over the world.


This year a good architecture agency from Russian federation named Archpoint was granted a metallic prize for his or her interior design task of a brand new craft beverage bar that will opened within Moscow plus was called “Parka”. Once you step in, you are in a type of a traditional spa, which really gave the area its title: “par” means “steam” within Russian.

In fact, the chief developer of the Archpoint bureau is the owner of this club and created the place pertaining to himself great friends within the first convert. Being an skilled architect, he previously plenty of crafting ideas in share. As a system for their new task he decided on a basement plus first flooring of an aged house within downtown Moscow, which includes 3 halls.


In terms of design the “Parka” represents the peculiar natural mixture of loft area style plus minimalistic Scandinavian motifs . That is why main finishing components here are normal of these 2 styles: gentle ash wooden, birch plywood, masonry plus concrete. However the most interesting plus eye-catchy materials used in the particular project is certainly Himalayan sodium bricks ; it was utilized as a bottom for a pub and for a number of dining furniture. Backlights focus on its great texture plus make it among the centerpieces from the bar inside.

2-1-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-wooden-bar-stools-black-wall-price-list-display-menu-TV-set-Himalayan-salt-bricks-lights 2-2-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-artichoke-shaped-lamps-wooden-furniture-light-ash-wood-dining-table-bar-stools-masonry-old-bricks-arched-ceiling-salt-bricks-TV-set 2-3-craft-beer-bar-interior-loft-Scandinavian-style-furniture-wooden-bar-stools-round-tables-Himalayan-salt-bricks-lights-masonry-wall 2-4-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-bar-black-wall-big-price-list-menu-display-wooden-stools-lights-Himalayan-salt-bricks-base

The wood furniture had been custom-made in the carpentry course under Archpoint’s sketches. What exactly is interesting about this is that you can stand or even sit on just about any wooden surface area here, such as the stairs resulting in the ground flooring – exactly like in a genuine sauna.

3-1-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-light-ash-wood-furniture-benches-stools-tables-masonry-wall 3-2-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-furniture-wooden-stairs-light-ash-wood-bar-stools-tables-benches

The particular first-floor component may include having large panoramic home windows and hence seems like a part of the busy road. Behind the particular bar you will discover a big screen featuring all of the prices for any quick plus comfortable order-making. Also, each one of the 3 halls is equipped with huge TV displays broadcasting sport shows.


When it comes to basement ground, it has a bit different environment – fairly authentic plus homey. Right here the designers did an excellent job aid the original previous masonry to the arched roof. And a contact of comfort is through artichoke-shaped lights by Akteka.

5-0-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-arched-masonry-ceiling-old-bricks-bar-table-stools-Himalayan-salt-bricks-artichoke-shaped-lamps-big-price-list-menu-display 5-1-parka-Moscow-craft-beer-bar-interior-design-loft-Scandinavian-style-motifs-masonry-ceiling-arched-old-bricks-artichoke-shaped-lamps-light-ash-wood-furniture-dining-table-stools-bench

But possibly the best thing relating to this bar is it creates the particular atmosphere of the sauna in a kinesthetic degree : right here you will certainly smell the particular odor associated with wetted fuses of eco-friendly birch sticks, taste an excellent craft beverage, and even contact the vapor coming from a exclusive steam-generator. Therefore , it’s not whatsoever surprising the jury observed and adored this quite project.


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