Cheap Interior Design of the Small Residence

We suppose we will not be too much from the reality if we declare all the creative designers dream about focusing on big flats – within spaces along with plenty of space for creativity and creativeness. But do you know the owners associated with tight locations supposed to do when they can’t pay for a remodelling that would price half the cost of their level? Meanwhile additionally they want their particular interiors to become non-trivial… That is why nowadays we chose to show you any apartment made on a really small budget yet from the center!



This lighting and sunlit apartment goes to a youthful family having a small young girl. It’s positioned in the heart associated with Minsk, Weißrussland, in an older building associated with 1960s having a typical design of that period – overall area of thirty 6 sq . meters., a tiny kitchen area and 2 rooms, certainly one of which is walk-through.

The first plus main concern was to produce the feeling of a huge space in just a tight region and get eliminate a walk-through room. Because of structural changes the serves got 2 separate areas – a full time income room as well as a kid’s bed room.


And also to expand the area visually, the particular designers typically opted for a mild color system with shiny accents, specifically, yellow – it is meant to add some cheerfulness to the room and make softer the “sterility” of the white-colored walls.


The pathway occupies simply 4 sq . meters. In to such a limited space the particular designers was able to fit the built-in-closet, the shoe cupboard, a compact coating rack along with a mirror.


Living room

Such small flats a living area has to be super-functional: it is a sketching room, the bedroom for your parents along with a study simultaneously. That’s the reason why its decorating must be since functional as you possibly can. And the feeling of comfort is created through decorative components: posters, toss pillows plus vases. Once we already mentioned, the particular masters acquired very limited spending budget. But they furthermore had a opportunity to bring IKEA furniture (there is no IKEA store within Belarus and individuals have to visit Russia or even Lithuania to purchase it). For this reason the furnishings in this residence is possibly custom-made or even brought through IKEA.

2-0-small-living-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-turquoise-accents-IKEA-furniture-geometrical-wallpaper-shelving-units-sofa-carpet-work-area-desk-beige-curtains 2-1-small-living-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-turquoise-accents-IKEA-furniture-geometrical-wallpaper-shelving-units-sofa-carpet-work-area-desk-beige-curtains-pendant-lamps

To help make the space show up bigger the particular designers utilized a few tips. Firstly, they will didn’t make use of any normal crown mold. Instead these people lowered the particular ceiling a little and remaining the spaces between the wall space and the roof, which boosts the visual wall structure h7 Second of all, they chosen symmetrical home furniture arrangement. Plus thirdly, laminate and flooring tiles within the flat are usually laid over the rooms.

2-2-small-living-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-turquoise-accents-IKEA-furniture-work-area-desk-poster-closets-TV-set 2-3-small-living-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-turquoise-accents-IKEA-furniture-geometrical-wallpaper-shelving-unit-sofa-work-area-desk-poster-pendant-lamp

Kid’s room

Within the kid’s space the valuable space had been saved using a loft mattress with a pre-installed desk plus storage compartments built-in beneath. The table has 3 height choices for different age range. Also there exists a corner closet and a small drawing device for little stuff. The particular accent on this room is created on a wall structure mural. The particular resulting inside is a comfy fairy-tale area for a little princess exactly where everything reaches hand plus there are simply no extra products.

3-1-small-kid's-girl's-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-carpet-accents-IKEA-furniture-loft-bed-work-desk-door-wreath-wardrobe-corner-drawing-unit 3-3-small-kid's-girl's-room-interior-design-light-laminate-floor-white-walls-yellow-accents-loft-bed-work-desk-built-in-drawers-stairs-lamps-wall-mural 3-2-small-kid's-girl's-room-interior-design-light-white-walls-yellow-accents-loft-bed-work-built-in-drawers-desk-wall-mural

Kitchen area

Having eliminated a walk-through door between living room as well as the kid’s bed room, the developers had to imagine a new entry and reconsider how to style the kitchen plus dining established. Besides, there is a unique window with the food prep.

In the end these types of problems had been handled using a wide counter top installed rather than windowsill, the transforming desk that is sufficient for a group of 3 whenever folded upward and can end up being transferred to the particular living room whenever guests arrive, and built/in appliances: the fridge, a good oven, the microwave oven, along with a dishwashing device.

4-1-small-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design-light-floor-beige-walls-set-cabinets-black-worktop-backsplash-small-table-chairs-shelves-mirror-hexagonal-floor-tiles 4-2-small-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design-light-beige-walls-set-cabinets-black-worktop-backsplash-small-table-chairs-mirror-built-in-oven-microwave-refrigerator-dishwashing-machine 4-3-small-kitchen-interior-design-light-floor-beige-walls-set-cabinets-black-worktop-backsplash-window-radiator-roman-blinds 4-4-small-kitchen-interior-design-beige-set-cabinets-black-worktop-backsplash-window-roman-blinds


The particular loggia has been extremely restricted and the a key point was to continue to keep it as open up as possible. Within this project it is a comfy nook fitted with folding chair and a small coffee desk, where the serves can consume tea and revel in the city look at. And just like with the food prep, a mirror is certainly arranged right here to make the area appear larger.


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