Cement Canvas: Innovative Building Technologies of the Future


Cement canvas is really a piece of towel with water-proof backing drenched in a exclusive dry chemical. This groundbreaking building technologies was created about a few years ago in Great Britain.

A brief history of Cement Canvas Limited. Company began from a innovative idea of 2 students from the Royal University of Ar2rk – Philip Brewin and can Crawford, who have been studying systems of industrial style there at the begining of 2000s. With each other these gifted young men created an idea of the technology that can help to create linings for flexible surfaces. Becoming inspired simply by features of cement, their innovation, however , was able to surpass this particular material in lots of aspects. Within the year 2006 they currently launched an organization for creating their cement canvas.

The initial product posseses an amazing speed associated with laying result – upward 200 sq . meters could be covered along with concrete painting within just 1 hour. Unlike typical concrete, revolutionary canvas requirements just a couple of hours in order to harden plus could be laid during the rain fall . This strong mini-shelter, for instance , can be built within just a couple of minutes and is likely to serve for further than a 10 years.


The particular structure from the canvas is usually immune system to breaks in fact it is more wear-resistant than conventional concrete.

Among the best things about this particular material is certainly its flexibility – this follows also subtle topographies of the surface area. In a word, becoming firm plus solid such as concrete right after soaking within water, it really is soft plus flexible such as common towel before stiffing.


Cement canvas could be laid also upon unprepared areas , which makes it priceless in safeguarding slopes along with soil chafing from climate conditions.


Getting far better compared to common cement from many aspects, cement canvas technologies is cheaper .

Cement in progresses can be used within absolutely versatile spheres , including street construction, train, mining business, petrochemical sectors, agriculture, city economy plus common horticulture and landscaping design.


Plus creative modern designers currently study the particular aesthetical possible of cement canvas with regard to interior design. However, iconic Chesterfield sofa design can be produced in cement canvas!

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