Celluloid Jam By N MAEDA ATELIER

Envision a web site you may image, when letting your mind wonder back in time: damp soil types a soft ground, catching your footsteps, ancient, climate-beaten stairs, that have been employed in earlier occasions as an earthen path, a pretty outdated retaining wall and cautiously cherished plants.

When we 1st set foot on this old soil in the city of Myoren-ji, we not simply received interested by this lush internet site, but rather fascinated by its’ overwhelming beauty, that laid in each and every single FIBRE.

Such a feeling ought to never ever be observed as some thing disturbing, when it comes to architecture, additionally must it be as such occupied by the grounds’ fascination.

lush (ueppig) Pflanzenwuchs

To put it in other phrases: to build an architecture does not merelz mean to “put anything on the ground”, but rather to come closer to the grounds’ scrupulous dealing.

If you allow your finger run across the complete surface of Celluloid Jam, no matter in which you would begin, you could

a) go in a single round from exterior to interior and back to your starting point without having taking a break.

b) touch each and every point on the exterior as well as on the interior and returning back to your starting point without having lifting your finger after.

On one particular hand there is the surface, which benefits as a flow of the architecture from outer wall to roof to flooring to interior wall to ceiling and can therefore be witnessed as a seamless structure. Even though on the other hand the shape itself is becoming designed by cutting, opening and bending the so called Moebius strip (which is formed topologically by twisting and turning a belt in form of the quantity 8).

You could truly feel the longing for the ground to turn out to be one particular with the architecture. So in buy to produce this connection of exterior rendering, plants, rooms, retaining wall, terrace, ancient stairs, patio and balcony with geometric help, the 2 components (architecture and nature) have been slowly mixed to one united mass by applying adhesion.

To underline this impression, Celluloid Jams complete surface has been recognized with out visible junctures. The wooden building is revetted by fibre restrained plastic to produce one exclusive surface of the 2 interior and exterior and additionally to type a single flowing shell, in which the punctual static loads are becoming decreased, whilst the static loads can be evenly spread. So the architectural shell approaches its inspiring natural example: the egg shell.

On best of the soil, in which the Moebius strip touches the ground, the border between nature and the architecture dissolves into practically nothing, just like melting plastic. This separation is merely observed and projected by the eye.

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