Brand new Hand-Made Beechwood Speakers Introduced in The japanese

Visitors of HomeKlondike would certainly agree that this last year had been absolutely completely outclassed by a pattern towards eco-friendliness and every thing green, actually and figuratively. Fortunately, this particular trend remains on top and individuals strive for basic safety and eco-friendliness in almost everything, from as well as clothes in order to interiors of the homes. This is why today we all decided to spend our blog post to a brand new 100% organic interior item.


Bunaco is a popular Japanese organization that has specific on distinctive eco-products for more than 60 years. The brand can be quite self-explanatory: “buna” is converted from Western as “beech” and all the items the company creates are made from this unique natural materials with their very own unique technologies.


On the factory beech wood is usually cut in to ultra slim (just 1-mm-thick) slices, that are then changed into 1-cm-wide pieces resembling versatile wooden laces and ribbons.

1-1-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-production-process-wooden-strips-ribbons 1-2-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-production-process-wooden-strips-ribbons 1-3-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers--eco-friendly-production-process-wooden-strips-ribbons 1-4-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-production-process-wooden-strips-ribbons

Those laces and ribbons are actually primary workpieces meant for craftsmen from the company: providing them with different forms they make exceptional and special products: soft-shaped lamps (pendant, table plus floor models), eco-friendly tableware (that can be utilized for each intended plus decorative purposes) and different interior products (lightweight plus elegantly developed stools, extremely aesthetical dirt bins, wonderful cosmetics storage containers and tissues boxes therefore on).

2-1-Bonaco-Japan-natural-eco-friendly-wooden-beech-wood-products-for-home-tableware-bowls-dishes-black 2-2-Bonaco-Japan-natural-eco-friendly-wooden-beech-wood-products-for-home-stool-entrance-stool-dust-bin-elegant-design

The functions Bunaco will be most happy with are protection, exclusively organic materials, supreme Japanese high quality and originality of all items, each of that is hand-made.


Exploring plus testing the particular features of beech wood, experts of the corporation have lately worked out a truly new product – speakers that could fascinate all of fans associated with natural internal materials. It has been confirmed that the form of inner cavities and sound-absorbing characteristics associated with beech wooden ensure expending precise appearing. For the sake of looks the new loudspeaker is equipped with the transparent cylindrical acrylic protect. A thin beech bow is turned like a whirlpool masking the particular wires. Searching inward, you will see an incomplete end of the wooden bows: it was remaining like this intentionally, so that customers might be familiar with structure from the speaker intuitively and really feel how much enthusiasm and competence was put in this unique work of art.

3-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder 6-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder 5-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder 4-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder

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