Brand new Concept Shop by Alcantara Opened within Milan


The particular world’s many stylish associated with Milan has celebrated the particular opening of the new idea show area by Alcantara S. g. A. It really is ideally positioned in a the downtown area shopping region on the part of the roads via San Pietro all’Orto and through Verri. It had been therefore no real surprise that throughout the Salone de Mobile at the begining of April there was clearly no finish of interest through visitors who else wished to discover and contact the materials gaining a lot popularity around the world.

1-1-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-sofa-arm-chairs-upholstery-fabric-gray-checquered-throw-pillows-table-work-room-desk-office 1-2-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-bedroom-upholstered-bed-headboard-with-mirror-inserts-decor-yellow-ottoman-mannequins

We know about Alcantara fabrics and it is amazing features from our previous article . As you keep in mind, this materials is popular in flexible industries: through air-plane plus automobile manufacturing to style clothes, jewelry and add-ons. However , within the new idea store the brand name focused on their particular latest choices meant for the field of interior design. Just like the primary items of Alcantara – furniture textile pertaining to cars, private yachts and air-planes – are usually associated with eventually comfortable traveling, their inner surface fabrics appear to be inviting intended for comfortable relaxation.

2-1-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-bedroom-pale-yellow-upholstered-bed-multicolor-ruffle-throw-pillows-decorative-green-fuchsia-purple-white 2-2-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-bedroom-pale-yellow-upholstered-bed-multicolor-capitone-throw-pillows-decorative-green-fuchsia-gray-white

In fact , 3 pillars the collection is founded on are comfort and ease, Greek mythology and well-known pieces embodying Italian elegancy and created by such businesses as Minotti, Molteni, Eumenes and La Palma. Out there very resources the The german language designer Sebastian Herkner received his motivation. And now Alcantara S. g. A. is positioned on an similar footing using these famous brands and signifies its brand new Wanderlust selection dedicated to the field of interiors. Right here you will find the bold combination of styles: modern design using a drop associated with eclectics offered birth in order to something surrealistic that you would like to invest much time viewing.

3-1-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-sofa-upholstery-fabric-mint-green-arm-chair-mirror-phot-frame-purse-hand-bag-throw-pillows 3-2-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-sofa-with-ruffles-beige-capitone-throw-pillows-couch-pale-pastel-pink-mint-green-yellow-beige-bag-purse 3-3-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-dining-arm-chair-upholstery-dark-green

Regarding fashion appears displayed round the store, they may be a fresh fruit of work of a well-known designer plus artist Rebecca Moses , who has exercised a collection of clothing especially for the particular Alcantara brand name. According to Rebecca, every design has exclusive tastes plus life-style and it is definitely special. This way both author as well as the producer want to emphasize that will products manufactured from Alcantara may have fans amongst people with definitely different desires and requirements. But the important idea is usually, of course , to demonstrate the special universality from the material in the multiple programs.

4-1-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-lounge-living-room-dining-table-chairs-upholstery-fabric-sofa-couch-throw-pillows-mannequin-hand-bags-purses 4-2-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-bedroom-pale-yellow-upholstered-bed-headboard-throw-pillows-purple-dressing-table-cloth-fabric-mannequin-bags-curtains 4-3-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-purple-and-green-arm-chair-suspended-decor-mannequins-fashion-looks-Rebecca-Moses

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